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Helsinki 24/7 - man trying VR at Oodi Library construction site

How Helsinki is winning the Virtual Reality Race

The 90 Day Finn Programme invites foreign businesses, entrepreneurs and employees to work and live in Helsinki for 90 days. This year’s cohort all have one thing in common they are all experts in artificial intelligence.

Group shot of the 2022 90 Day Finns and their families

Attracting sustainable growth experts to Helsinki

One of the ways in which Helsinki is marketing the city’s opportunities is the 90 Day Finn programme, which invites international entrepreneurs and investors to come and live in Helsinki for a period of three months.

Relaxed team meeting

What makes Helsinki one of the most innovative cities in the world?

Finland’s capital is fertile ground for research and commercialisation in sectors such as HealthTech, Artificial Intelligence, and Cyber Security. In fact, in 2022, the World Economic Forum ranked Helsinki as one of the top 25 most innovative cities in the world. But how does a relatively small city like Helsinki compete with heavyweights like San Francis

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European cities join forces to drive sustainable growth and investment

Collaboration, a human-centric approach, sustainability and quality of life are the shared values that have made the European Metropolitan Regions a driving force in tackling global challenges. This alternative approach has attracted the attention of foreign companies, investors and talent. The European Metropolitan regions are now launching a unique coopera

A group photo of the representatives from the City of Helsinki, Helsinki Partners, and Housing Development Board.

Why Helsinki is the next destination for sustainable investment from Singapore

Since 2017, Singaporean organisations and Helsinki Partners have been collaborating to promote the two-way flow of ideas and capital around smart and sustainable cities. Helsinki Partners recently introduced Helsinki’s Mayor and Chief Economist to our network in Singapore, organising visits and events to highlight the country’s smart-city excellence.