Grow your business in Helsinki

Grow your business in Helsinki 

Looking for a place to grow and develop your business? We are here to help you navigate Helsinki’s ecosystem, introduce you to key-players in the market and find growth opportunities for your company.

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Join one of the most innovative business ecosystems in the world.

What we offer

Turn to us if you are looking for the best location, co-operation with Finnish companies, or opportunities for expansion in Helsinki. We are a City of Helsinki company, here to provide you with free of charge advice and help you grow your company in Finland.

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1. Information

We’ll refine data into knowledge for you. Whether you’re looking for information on a specific industry, potential partners, the operating environment, costs, or the ecosystem itself, we provide the right information to support your decision-making. 

2. Connections 

Ecosystem knowledge is at the core of our services. We know the region inside out, and can introduce you to the key people from our city such as government officials and private companies, to research institutions and universities. Our wide network of trusted partners is also available to provide quality business services for you. We will introduce you to the ecosystem’s players, either virtually or when you come to visit. We’ll also help you land smoothly when you’re ready to start a pilot, R&D project or set up your company in Helsinki. 

3. Opportunities 

We will help you recognise growth opportunities for your business. Helsinki is renowned for high quality research, development and innovation, where participatory design is at the core of business development. The city is your platform for testing, validating and scaling new solutions and services.

4. Access to funding

We will help you connect with the relevant public financing entities such as Business FinlandTesi (Finnish Industry Investment Ltd) and Finnvera. We can also help you get acquainted with the right private financing network. If you are a startup registered here in Finland and are looking for growth capital, we’d be happy to include you in our portfolio and introduce you to foreign investors. Read more about financing at Helsinki Business Hub.

Why Helsinki?

Helsinki has an inviting business environment, where expanding or developing a company in Finland is relatively easy for the international businesses. Besides, Helsinki is part of the Nordic ecosystem, an innovative, stable and functional business environment well-connected with the rest of the world. Are you still wondering why the capital of the happiest country in the world is the place to be? Read the top 5 reasons below, why you should grow and develop a company in Helsinki. And if you’re looking for more reasons why Helsinki is the place for you, we’ll gladly share more with you at Why Helsinki page.

1. Easy to navigate business environment

Connecting with the players from Helsinki’s ecosystem is easy, due to its size and tight networks among people living here. Thanks to the strongly held values of equality and transparency in Finnish society, everyone is very approachable be they scientists, academics, public officials, startup founders or corporate executives. Creating significant and long-lasting relationships with potential collaborators and customers, along with helping to create a sense of community within every sector, is just business as usual here in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

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2. Helsinki is an innovation hub

Finland has been the biggest contributor to global innovation in the world since the SMS times, bringing applications such as the Heart Rate Monitor, the Linux operating system, Clash of Clans, and Angry Birds to the world. Sharing knowledge between public institutions, businesses and universities is the key factor in Finland’s innovation and economic success. In addition, the World Economic Forum’s ‘The Europe 2020 Competitiveness Index’ places Finland as the most competitive country in Europe.

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3. Great access to talent

Connecting with the players from Helsinki’s ecosystem is easy, due to its size and tight networks among people living here. Thanks to the Helsinki offers a huge pool of technical and creative talent, and for an employer, the timing is perfect. Growth companies like Wolt, Smartly, and Supercell have trained Helsinki’s tech workers to know what real growth looks like, and they’re hungry for new opportunities. Besides this, the Finnish education system is famous worldwide for its outstanding learning results. Your company will no doubt profit from the input of Finnish employees, their versatile, high-level skills and ability to think critically.

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4. Safe, stable and functional environment

Finland is economically and politically stable and predictable. In fact, Finland has kept its position as the world’s most peaceful and stable country for almost a decade (Fragile States Index 2020). Finland also ranks as the world’s third least corrupt country (Corruption Perceptions Index 2019). Helsinki may be surprising, but it is never unpredictable. Society here is cohesive and inclusive. It is developed together, and no one is left out.

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5. Gateway between east and west

Connecting with the players from Helsinki’s Located in the heart of the Baltic Sea Region and only an 8-hour flight from Beijing and New York, the city is a convenient landing spot between the east and west. Frequent and direct flights around the world ensure that you stay connected with your company at each location with ease. 

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The voice of customers doing business in Helsinki

Explore the thriving business ecosystem and get to know some of the international companies that have made Helsinki their home.

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A word from a customer

Finland’s excellent business environment, government support, and municipal and private partners were the main factors that attracted us here. Finland has a very developed support network for innovation and entrepreneurial activity. On an international level, Finland’s outstanding reputation provides an excellent platform to launch a global business.

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