Expand your business in Helsinki

Find out why Helsinki is an attractive gateway to the rest of Europe and an ideal place for companies considering international market expansion.

Woman holding a wild herb
Woman holding a wild herb

Ready to expand your business in Europe?

Helsinki isn’t just the world’s happiest capital; it’s arguably one of Europe’s most collaborative business hubs, with city-owned Helsinki Partners ready to support international corporations and scaleups looking to expand.

Aleksi Poutanen
Jussi Hellsten

Why Helsinki? We’re glad you asked

Aerial view of Oodi Central Library at dusk

Tomorrow’s innovation today

Helsinki isn’t just a city; it’s a thriving innovation hub where tomorrow’s solutions are developed today. At Helsinki Partners, we’re committed to optimising your growth opportunities in a dynamic environment where public institutions, businesses, and universities collaborate to shape the future. 

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Culture amplified by nature

Helsinki’s blend of urban vibrancy and natural beauty offers the ideal setting for your expansion journey. Immerse yourself in a city that embraces authenticity, and feel at home in a welcoming and approachable culture.

elicacy from restaurant Grön - Leek & pike "Roast", herbs from the Grön farm, grilled butter, mussel broth and parsley oil. Presented by Badass Food Stories in their piece, Farm-to-fork at Michelin-star restaurant Grön in Helsinki.

Wellbeing that works

In Helsinki, well-being is more than a concept; it’s a way of life. Experience a culture of well-being that empowers both individuals and businesses to thrive. Finland’s world-renowned education system and focus on personal development shape a rich talent pool to fuel your expansion.

Two remote workers working at Birgitta outside in the sun

Effortless expansion

Navigating Helsinki’s business environment is effortless, thanks to a tight-knit business network and a culture of approachability. At Helsinki Partners, we’re here to help you expand your business in Finland in a way that’s future-proof and sustainable.

Standing in the huge underground tunnel that is the Helsinki airport tain station, a woman wearing a long blue coat stands at the platform waiting for her train into Helsinki. On the left are the train tracks and on the right are the lifts and escalators to the airport.

Your gateway to east and west

Our vibrant city is more than urban hustle. Discover a city where unique experiences unfold at every turn. Think calming coasts, untamed nature, ice dipping excursions, pop-up culture, and spontaneous bridge parties. Visit the material bank to view photos that capture the essence of our lively and dynamic city.

Sitting on a picnic blanket with the rolling greenery of the park in the background, a mother laughs with their eyes closed while holding a girl who's lying in her lap. Two other kids and a small dog are also laying on the blanket.

Safe, stable, and functional

Helsinki is a design-led city. It’s ubiquitous. From functional furniture to urban planning solutions, Helsinki’s design embodies simplicity, functionality, and beauty. It enriches residents’ lives and belongs to all of us. Visit the material bank to view photos of how design shapes how we live, work, and play.

About Finland statistics


Finland is the happiest country in the world for seven years in a row.

World Happiness Report, 2024


Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals of all UN Member States

Sustainable Development Report, 2023


Finland has the most advanced digital economy in the EU

The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI)


Finland is the second most gender-equal country in the world.

World Economic Forum, 2023


Finland is the sixth most innovative country in the world

Global Innovation Index 2023


Helsinki is the eighth smartest city in the world

IMD 2023

Our services

Helsinki Partners offers hands-on consultancy and soft-landing services designed to match people with possibilities, at no cost to you. Think practical advice on how to expand your business in Finland—like opening a bank account and registering your business—direct introductions to company leaders and potential partners, access to information about funding in Finland and Europe, and more. 

A word from a customer

Our business model requires a highly efficient patent law infrastructure and related capabilities, a global mindset, a diverse group of technology-driven companies (SMEs and multinationals), and a venture capital infrastructure. We find everything we need in Finland, and particularly in Helsinki.

William Carbone

Co-founder & CEO at The Adjacent Possible

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Let’s grow your business

Are you an international corporation or scale-up looking to expand your business in Europe? Our team at Helsinki Partners can help you open new doors and make the right connections in the Helsinki business ecosystem.

Let’s connect

Helsinki Partners matches people with possibilities to help business professionals, investors and corporations thrive. Curious? Get in touch to find more. 

Johanna Huurre Portrait

Johanna Huurre

Director, Strategic Initiatives


+358 40 021 1251

Hanna Lankinen Portrait

Hanna Lankinen

Director, Growth and Investments


+358 40 761 5551

Maria Melnikova Portrait

Maria Andros

Senior Advisor, Growth and Investments

Green Transition


+358 50 523 7417

Vladimir Chepurnoy Portrait

Vladimir Chepurnoy

Senior Advisor, Growth and Investments

Green Transition


+358 44 254 8482

Linda Emelianov Portrait

Linda Emelianov

Senior Advisor, Growth and Investments

Digital Transition


+358 50 560 6426

Sami Häikiö Portrait

Sami Häikiö

Senior Advisor, Growth and Investments

Green Transition


+358 40 769 0717

Sonja Malin Portrait

Sonja Malin

Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives

Green Transition


+358 400 175 636

Panu Maulaheimo Portrait

Panu Maulaheimo

Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives

LPs & Funds


+358 40 669 3888

Tiina Mikkonen headshot

Tiina Mikkonen

Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives

Digital & Green Transition


+358 50 486 9440

Portrait of Anna Tolvanen

Anna Tolvanen

Senior Advisor, Growth and Investments

Digital Transition


+358 40 534 3645

Xin Wang Portrait

Xin Wang 王昕

Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives

Digital Transition


+358 40 139 2503

Tian Yu Portrait

Tian Yu

Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives

LPs & Funds


+358 45 225 8618

Apply for the Founders to Finland Program

This scale-up focused program offers purpose-driven founders an immersive experience in the Helsinki ecosystem. Participants connect with potential partners and explore the unique business culture of Helsinki, the capital of the happiest country in the world. 

Our 6-day program is designed for international founders to deep-dive into the Nordic business ecosystem, get relevant connections, and offers a free ticket to Slush, Europe’s biggest gathering for startups and venture capitalists. 

Tuomas Uusiheimo

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