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In the foreground to the right, some rocks partially obscure the view of four people canoeing to the left, the tree covered shoreline can be in the distance under a blue sky.
In the foreground to the right, some rocks partially obscure the view of four people canoeing to the left, the tree covered shoreline can be in the distance under a blue sky.

Helsinki for Travel Trade: Explore the hidden gem of the Nordics

The capital of Finland has lots to offer for its visitors, and much of it is still undiscovered. Our team can help you uncover all of Helsinki’s secrets. Whether it’s unique culinary delights, stunning architecture, or serene natural landscapes, Helsinki is a destination that promises to amaze and inspire.

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If you’re selling Helsinki as a destination to clients or thinking about adding our city to your offering, we provide expert help and advice – free of charge. Helsinki Parnters, together with our professional partners are available to support you every step of the way.

Why Helsinki should be your next Nordic travel highlight

In the foreground to the right, some rocks partially obscure the view of four people canoeing to the left, the tree covered shoreline can be in the distance under a blue sky.

Natural Beauty and Sustainability

Helsinki’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its vast green spaces, archipelago, and clean air, making it a perfect destination for eco-conscious travellers. The city’s efforts towards becoming carbon-neutral by 2035 resonate with the growing demand for sustainable travel options.

elicacy from restaurant Grön - Leek & pike "Roast", herbs from the Grön farm, grilled butter, mussel broth and parsley oil. Presented by Badass Food Stories in their piece, Farm-to-fork at Michelin-star restaurant Grön in Helsinki.

Innovative Food Scene

Drawing from the deep well of Finnish culinary traditions and the dynamic foodtech sector, Helsinki offers an extraordinary gastronomic experience. From Michelin-starred restaurants to urban farming projects and a burgeoning street food scene, Helsinki caters to every palate, emphasizing local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients.

Viewed from behind and looking out through the huge window at Kaisa library, students sit, kickback and read.

Rich Cultural Tapestry

Helsinki’s cultural scene is a lively blend of Finnish traditions and modern innovation. Iconic design districts, world-class museums, and vibrant festivals throughout the year showcase the city’s artistic vibrancy and historical depth, making it a compelling destination for culturally curious travellers.

Man cycling by the sea in Kaivopuisto, Helsinki.

Accessibility and Connectivity

Strategically located in Northern Europe, Helsinki serves as an ideal hub for exploring the Nordic countries and the Baltics. With excellent air, sea, and land connections, visitors can easily include Helsinki in broader European itineraries, enhancing their travel experiences.

A view from above looking down on some of the star points of Suomenlinna's remaining fortress walls. The island is very green and in full bloom, the sea stretching to the horizon under a sunny blue sky.

Unique Experiences

Whether it’s experiencing the midnight sun, exploring the UNESCO-listed Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, or delving into the world of Finnish sauna culture, Helsinki offers unique activities that can’t be found anywhere else. These experiences provide an authentic glimpse into Finnish life and add an unforgettable dimension to any trip.

With an Oodi service desk behind the sofa they're sitting on, a man uses a tablet whilst offering customer service to an older woman.

Supportive Infrastructure for Travel Trade Professionals

Helsinki Partners is dedicated to assisting tour operators and travel professionals in crafting memorable experiences for their clients. With access to a wide range of services, from itinerary planning to local insights and promotional materials, we’re here to ensure your Helsinki offerings stand out.

Accessibility and arrival to Helsinki

Getting to Helsinki by air

Helsinki Airport consistently ranks among the best in the world and is situated just 19 kilometres from the city centre. Transport time to the city centre is 27 minutes with a direct train connection (departs every 10 minutes). Taxis charge around 40 euros for the journey. 

Silja Serenade cruise ship passing Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

Getting to Helsinki by sea

The Baltic Sea connects several Nordic cities together where Helsinki Ports and Cruise Companies operate daily departures to/from Estonia, Sweden, Germany and Poland. For further details, see this map of cruise quays by the Port of Helsinki. Find information on Helsinki Ports.

People stand waiting for a train at Pasila railway station

Getting to Helsinki by land

Daily services from Helsinki Central Railway Station to domestic destinations with VR railway company– Helsinki is a great gateway to beautiful Finland.  

Get connected in Helsinki

In addition to our own services, we can connect you with the best travel trade professionals and sources of information in Helsinki. Here are a few examples of our contact networks.

Relaxing in the sauna at Löyly
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Destination Management Companies (DMC)

We have listed featured destination management companies for you on one page. They have the knowledge, expertise and resources to work in the design and implementation of your events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics.

Standing in the huge underground tunnel that is the Helsinki airport tain station, a woman wearing a long blue coat stands at the platform waiting for her train into Helsinki. On the left are the train tracks and on the right are the lifts and escalators to the airport.
© Maija Astikainen

Transfer companies in Helsinki

Explore Helsinki by foot, bus, or even aboard a vintage 1950s tram. Or immerse yourself in the beauty of Helsinki from the sea. Whatever your choice, there are plenty of companies ready to assist you with group transfer bookings.

Your local guide to Helsinki is your local guide to Helsinki. Find info on restaurants, attractions, events, activities, nature and neighbourhoods in one place. We provide you with local recommendations you can trust.

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