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In the foreground to the right, some rocks partially obscure the view of four people canoeing to the left, the tree covered shoreline can be in the distance under a blue sky.
In the foreground to the right, some rocks partially obscure the view of four people canoeing to the left, the tree covered shoreline can be in the distance under a blue sky.

Helsinki for travel trade

You want to promote Helsinki and we want to help you do that. The capital of Finland has lots to offer for its visitors, and much of it is still undiscovered. Our team can help you uncover all of Helsinki’s secrets.

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Helsinki Partners

In Helsinki you don’t have to choose – you can have it all.

Let’s get started:

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Helsinki Partners provides information, news, advice and assistance to tour operators and travel agents. We work closely with the travel trade to further develop the city and what it has to offer for its visitors. We can also help organise familiarisation tours for the travel trade and media. Each year Helsinki Partners presents the city to thousands of travel agents and tour operators who sell Helsinki as a travel destination.

Why Helsinki?

Awarded with ‘City of Design’ status by Unesco, Helsinki is a modern city that offers functional design, unique gastronomy and maritime appeal. The capital of Finland is filled with lively events all year round, but the peaceful archipelago and green forests are only a stone’s throw away, and can be easily reached by the efficient public transportation system. There are direct flights from over 135 cities globally and 60 airlines operate to Helsinki. Helsinki is a gateway to Asia, with over 80 direct flights to Asian destinations weekly. Below you can find seven good reasons to choose Helsinki. And if you’re interested in more reasons why Helsinki might be for you, we have you covered.

1. Sea all around you

In Helsinki, you can feel the presence of the sea everywhere. This is because the city has over a hundred kilometres of shoreline and around 300 islands in its archipelago.

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2. Friendly and helpful locals

Helsinki’s locals are extremely open and hospitable, and most speak English fluently, so don’t be afraid to ask us for advice. We’d love to tell you about Helsinki’s greatest secrets!

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3. Seasonal splendour

No matter what time of year you visit Helsinki, you will always experience something new. Summer, autumn, winter and spring all dress the city in different clothing and offer lots of unique experiences.

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4. Sauna culture

Being the capital of Finland, it should be no surprise that Helsinki has some great public saunas – both traditional neighbourhood saunas and brand new design saunas. There’s no better way to get to the heart of the Finnish identity!

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5. Flourishing food culture

Try delicious local food from fresh seasonal ingredients, treat yourself to a meal out in a Michelin-starred restaurant, attend one of the many popular food events or fall in love with one of the unique island restaurants!

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6. Design everywhere!

Finland’s world-renowned modern design heritage can be seen everywhere in Helsinki. Famous brands like Marimekko, Iittala, Artek and Arabia are a cool part of everyday life here. Discover the countless boutiques of the Design District!

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7. Vibrant urban feel

Enjoy white summer nights with endless events, feel the romantic Christmas season or let the variety of Helsinki’s museums surprise you.

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Our services for tour operators and travel agents

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Familiarisation (FAM) tours to Helsinki

Do you want to experience Helsinki and learn more about what our city has to offer visitors? Our team is proud to present Helsinki to travel agents and tour operators who sell Helsinki as a travel destination. We plan the programmes for these visits together with representatives of Visit Finland and other partners such as airlines. We want you to experience Helsinki in the same way your clients will.  

Helsinki Material Bank

The Helsinki Material Bank offers high quality images, raw video material, maps and brochures about Helsinki. You can even collate collections of different media together and share them using the ‘My Selection’ tool. No log-in is required, so you can download and share content in articles and on social media when marketing Helsinki, immediately and with ease.

Agent offer

Our Agent Offer gives you an excellent opportunity to find out why Helsinki is such a perfect city break destination for your clients. We can provide you with a Helsinki City Card to explore Helsinki’s major sights, public transportation and much more. Accommodation discounts are also available for travel trade professionals.

Get connected in Helsinki

In addition to our own services, we can connect you with the best travel trade professionals and sources of information in Helsinki. Here are a few examples of our contact networks.

Transfer companies in Helsinki

You can experience Helsinki on foot or by bus, even onboard a fifties tram.

Or why not discover Helsinki from the sea?

Whatever your choice, the below listed companies can help you when you want to book transfers for your groups.

Accessibility and arrival to Helsinki

By air

Helsinki Airport consistently ranks among the best in the world and is situated just 19 kilometers from the city centre. Finavia provides complimentary and unlimited wireless access at Helsinki Airport. Transport time to the city centre is 27 minutes with a direct train connection (departs every 10 minutes). There is a regular airport bus running every 20 minutes between the airport and the city centre, and several local buses are also available. Taxis charge around 40 euros for the journey.

By sea

The Baltic Sea connects several Nordic cities together where Helsinki Ports and Cruise Companies operate daily departures to/from Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Poland, and Russia. For further details, see this map of cruise quays by the Port of Helsinki.

By land

Daily services from Helsinki Central Railway Station to destinations domestically and to/from St.Petersburg and Moscow.

Destination management companies (DMC)

We have listed featured destination management companies for you on one page. They have the knowledge, expertise and resources to work in the design and implementation of your events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics.

Handling agents and cruise tour operators

From ship clearances to incentive programs, and from incoming & outgoing tourist services to excursions and service packages, these operators will help you out in Helsinki.

Did you know? is your local guide to Helsinki. Find info on restaurants, attractions, events, activities, nature and neighbourhoods in one place. We provide you with local recommendations you can trust.

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