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Man with his arms up in peaceful embrace of the falling rain deep in the Finnish woods

90 Day Finn 2024 Webinar

Welcome to a unique opportunity that blends innovation with cultural immersion – The 90 Day Finn Program. Join us to learn more about the world’s happiest business program.

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Venture Nordics Exclusive Webinar

Get insights from one the the fastest growing Nordic markets with key trends, success stories, and insights for international fund managers and LPs thinking about investing in the New Nordics.

A path surrounded by flowers at one of Helsinki city's gardens

House of Impact

House of Impact welcomes everyone—ventures, families, investors, funds, corporates, academia, and more—who wish to contribute to a better future. 

Flashing lights above startup conference Slush 2021

Personalised services at Slush 2023

Get the most out of your Slush with personal service from Helsinki Partners, or explore the Helsinki ecosystem on a tailored programme and with our advisors.

Stage at Slush 2021

Helsinki Partners Events at Slush 2023

Helsinki’s buzzing with Slush 2023. Dive in with Helsinki Partners’ events. Join a convergence of international startups, investors, and more – whether you’ve got a Slush ticket or not, we’ve got something for you.