Venture Nordics

A unique and effective opportunity for International Fund Managers and LPs interested in setting up their operations in the Nordics or investing in the Finnish VC funds.

People chatting in a networking event
People chatting in a networking event

Venture Nordics Program

Program timeline: May 30 – June 7, 2024

A unique and effective opportunity for International Fund Managers and LPs interested in setting up their operations in the Nordics or investing in the Finnish VC funds.

About the program

What is the Venture Nordics Program?

Venture Nordics offers a unique, immersive experience for international fund managers and LPs to delve into Finland’s thriving sectors like gaming, software, and medtech. This exclusive program is your gateway to uncovering European investment gems and embracing the Nordic approach to work-life balance. While the program is complimentary, participants are responsible for their travel, accommodation, and living expenses in Finland.

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How it works

Find your North Star on top of the world

Engage with Finland’s key market players, network with top VCs and startups, and discover practical insights into investment and operational strategies in Finland. Plus, enjoy leisure activities that showcase the best of the Finnish lifestyle!

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Are you convinced? Apply now before February 18th.

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Learn all you need to know about the Finnish Venture Ecosystem in just 9 Days

May 30th – June 7th 2024

Introduction to the Finnish Venture Ecosystem

DAY 1 | MAY 30

Networking with key Finnish institutional LPs and VCs. An inaugural event to set the tone for the program, providing an overview of Finland’s investment landscape.

University Day

DAY 2 | MAY 31

Tour of the University of Helsinki and its incubators at health and Kumpula campuses. Discover how academic research is translated into viable business ventures.

Into the Woods: Cottage Day 1

DAY 3 | JUNE 1

A day of relaxation and networking at a Finnish cottage. Experience the quintessential Finnish sauna, swim, and local cuisine in a serene setting.

Into the Woods: Cottage Day 2

DAY 4 | JUNE 2

Another day at the cottage to deepen your understanding of Finnish culture and lifestyle. Return to Helsinki in the midday for informal networking.

Startup & Deeptech Day

DAY 5 | JUNE 3

The day starts with an introduction to the startup ecosystem with pitching sessions. Followed by a tour of the Center of Innovation and deeptech: VTT,  Aalto University and Kiuas Accelerator 

Practical Insights Day & VIP Dinner

DAY 6 | JUNE 4

Workshop/seminar on immigration, fund formation, and tax considerations. Gain practical knowledge essential for setting up operations in Finland. We end the day with a VIP dinner hosted by the City of Helsinki.

DAY 7 | JUNE 5

Arctic 15 Day 1: LP Summit

We attend the LP Summit and Arctic 15, the most efficient startup and investor matchmaking event in the Nordics and Baltics, offering extensive networking opportunities and insights into current market trends.

DAY 8 | JUNE 6

Arctic 15 Day 2

Second day at the Arctic 15, facilitating further engagement with industry leaders and potential partners.

DAY 9 | JUNE 7

Arctic 15 Day 3 & Farewell Dinner

Farewell dinner to celebrate the program’s conclusion and reflect on the experiences and connections made.

You seem pretty interested. What are you waiting for?

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Not convinced?

Here are 5 more reasons to Venture North


VC funds are outperforming the European comparison with a 22% annual return and a TVPI of 2.9x and a DPI of 1.3 Old Funds, inception 2009–2015)

TESI, 2023


Finland is the happiest country in the world for six years in a row.

World Happiness Report, 2023


Finland is the second most gender-equal country in the world.

World Economic Forum, 2022


Wow, you’ve made it all the way down here – you should definitely apply!

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