Attract International Talent to Helsinki

Helsinki Partners provides tailored support to help Finnish companies attract international talent. Promote the benefits of relocating to Helsinki, access valuable resources, and join our marketi

Group of people sitting outside with laptops
Group of people sitting outside with laptops

For companies in Finland

Attract international talent to Helsinki

Helsinki Partners provides tailored support to help Helsinki-based companies attract international talent to Helsinki. Partner with us to boost your employer brand internationally, and use our free talent attraction services.

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What we offer

We understand the unique challenges you face in attracting and hiring international talent, and we’re here to provide tailored solutions. With our support, you can overcome recruitment hurdles to increase awareness of Helsinki’s work opportunities to tap into a diverse global workforce.

The benefits of working in Helsinki for international talent

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Family benefits

Helsinki works for the whole family. 360 days of paid parental leave, a free baby box full of necessities for every baby born in Helsinki, as well as an affordable daycare system all add to the well-being of both children and parents.

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Employee benefits

All permanent residents in Helsinki are covered under the National Health Care
Insurance scheme. Paid vacation of four weeks is considered the standard and
working hours are flexible. Many employers offer extra perks such as meal benefits,
gym memberships and private pension plans.

Universal healthcare

In Helsinki, accessing healthcare is quick and convenient for everyone. Maternity and child health clinics support families in pregnancy, parenting and child health.

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Free education

University education in Finland is entirely state funded. Degrees taught in Finnish/Swedish are free for everyone and English-taught degrees are tuition-free for students coming from EU/EEA countries. Basic education from grades 1 to 9 is free for everyone.

Big small city

Helsinki is compact in size, but still has the urban buzz of a metropolis. Helsinki is practically a walking city with a smooth public transport system (also with a baby
buggy or wheelchair).

View looking up at the Lasipalatsi tower from between the tall, wooden frame planters of Keidas, an Oasis plant installation and meeting place filled with lush greenery.

Eco-conscious society

Ecological thinking is strongly present in everyday life in Helsinki. An extensive recycling system and ambitious climate aims make Helsinki a model city for sustainable development.

Download our guide to effectively market the advantages of working in Helsinki to international talent.

Are you an international talent looking for work in Helsinki?

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Why Helsinki?

The most pressing global challenges will be solved on a city level. Helsinki, one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe, is a perfect testbed for future solutions.

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