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If your heart beats for the capital of Finland, international encounters and for work that’s always evolving, we just might have the perfect spot for you.

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We work for Helsinki. And we love it.

Our working culture

Helsinki Partners is a workplace that embraces equality, inclusivity, diversity, trust and transparency. We appreciate our colleagues, support each other and are keen on working and succeeding together. Mistakes and learning from them is more than accepted – it’s encouraged. Everyone feels safe being who they are, we respect each other and trust each other. ​

We feel our work is meaningful and that it really makes a difference. We go the extra mile to help our foreign clients to find opportunities in Helsinki. We strive to create a culture that fosters a good feeling about coming to work every day and builds a healthy community that is caring, sharing and welcoming. All communication is open, transparent and equal.

Aleksi Poutanen

We care for Helsinki

We are passionate about our city and convinced that Helsinki is the best place in the world to work and live a balanced life. Our city and its people give us purpose to make a difference and reason to influence big global issues e.g. climate change, equality and equity. We happily embrace the greater societal influence the company is making. With our passion for Helsinki we will make an impact.​

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We are here for impact

​The global competition for international investments, talents and visitors is fierce and we want to constantly improve and renew our services to succeed in the global arena. In addition, Helsinki is full of potential and we need to unleash this potential – to be an international frontrunner.

Aleksi Poutanen

Open positions

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