How did Helsinki become a unicorn hub?

Helsinki’s status as a promising investment hub continues to grow, driven by a thriving startup ecosystem and a robust investment scene. Plus, it’s home to Slush, the largest venture capital gathering in the world. The Venture Nordics Program is a unique opportunity to explore what the New Nordics has to offer.

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  • The New Nordics has the highest number of unicorns per capita, only second to Silicon Valley.
  • Get free tickets to Slush 2024, the world’s largest venture capital gathering.
  • Enjoy exclusive access to the LP track and side-events with a dedicated advisor.
  • Experience Helsinki’s dynamic startup scene with over 2,200 startups valued at $31 billion.

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Why look North for investment opportunities?

Finnish funds consistently outperform the European average, with Helsinki leading the charge. As of 2023, Finland boasts over 2,200 startups and scale-ups, collectively valued at over $31 billion—surpassing the global average. This peak performance highlights the high-caliber startups emerging from Helsinki and the strong support system fostering innovation and growth.

Helsinki’s strategic position as the epicentre of the New Nordics makes it a gateway to multiple markets, providing businesses a unique advantage for expansion. The city’s efficiency, fast processing times, and high level of English proficiency make doing business in Helsinki a breeze.

Explore the Nordic ecosystem

The Venture Nordics Slush 2024 Edition runs from November 15th to the 21st, offering exclusive access to the LP track and numerous networking opportunities. Participants will engage with key players in the Nordic venture landscape, gaining insights and forging connections that can drive future investments and collaborations.

This program is carefully designed, to provide a fast-track to Helsinki’s investment landscape, with Slush 2024 as a cornerstone of the experience. Slush is the largest venture capital gathering in the world, attracting 5,500 startup founders and operators, and 3,300 investors. Participants will receive free tickets to Slush and access to exclusive side-events, providing unparalleled opportunities to delve into the Nordic venture ecosystem and establish highly relevant connections.

What participants have to say about the Venture Nordics Program

“Budgets are blossoming in terms of developing deep tech and deep science here in Helsinki,” notes Rahul Ranjani, Partner at Manerama Capital and alumni of the Venture Nordics Spring 2024 program. “A lot of companies are making their way to the climate change space, and quantum computing. The Finnish tech landscape encompasses many cutting-edge areas that you can learn from, invest in, and implement into your own business and market.” 

Finland’s national plan to increase R&D expenditure to four per cent of the GDP by 2030 is a clear indication of the ambitions of the Finnish government to boost Nordic research to new levels. Quite simply, Finland has put its money where its mouth is. 

Helsinki offers a rich environment for new ventures 

Helsinki stands out as a key destination for international LPs and VCs. The city’s thriving startup ecosystem, strategic location with expansion opportunities to the New Nordics and Europe, and robust investment scene make it a true breeding ground for innovation and business opportunities. 

Join the Venture Nordics Slush 2024 Edition and be part of a transformative experience that plugs you into the best parts of the Nordic venture ecosystem! We promise it will be worth the long flight. 

Venture Nordics Slush 2024 Edition

The Venture Nordics Program 2024 Slush Edition will host 10 select participants from November 15th to 21st. During these seven days, participants will engage in a variety of activities: 

  • Networking sessions with local LPs and VCs to get a highly relevant network in only 7 days
  • Complimentary Investor ticket to Slush 2024, including access to the LP track and exclusive side-events
  • In-depth exploration of the deep-tech ecosystem with introductions to thriving local companies
  • Experience Finnish culture with a weekend retreat at a traditional cottage

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Join us in Helsinki this November to explore the region with the highest number of unicorns per capita, second only to Silicon Valley. With funds outperforming the European average, this is your chance to be part of Europe’s leading investor program. Apply now to discover the investment opportunities in the New Nordics.

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The Venture Nordics Program is offering an exclusive opportunity to 10 adventurous investors to explore the region with the highest number of unicorns per capita outside Silicon Valley. Spots are incredibly limited. Apply now to secure your place before it’s too late

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