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Headshot of Chloe Straw, 90 Day Finn 2024

Chloe Straw (UK) 

Chloe is a curious, determined, and empathetic professional from the UK looking to explore collaborative opportunities in the podcast, audiobook, and radio industries. As the Managing Director at AudioUK, with over 15 years of experience working with giants like the BBC, Spotify, and Audible, Chloe is interested in understanding more about Finland’s podcast advertising infrastructure. With her family by her side, Chloe’s goals are not only professional. “I am excited about living in a different country as a family for a month, in a way that immerses us in the culture and life of Finland,” Chloe explains. 

Headshot of Dr. Courtney Depala, 90 Day Finn 2024

Dr. Courtney Depala (US/UK)

Curious, collaborative, and flexible, Dr. Courtney Depala is an energy industry expert from the UK, ready to tackle global energy challenges. As the Research and Development Director at Mercia Power Ltd, she has worked with National Grid, Arcola Energy, and PTC, focusing on energy innovation and leadership. “Even though the UK has left the EU, there is still a lot of scope for collaboration, particularly around energy and electricity. Meeting Net Zero and evolving how we use energy is a global challenge, with many possible solutions.” Courtney is eager to engage with innovative minds and diverse ideas in Helsinki, aiming to make meaningful connections and explore new solutions for a sustainable future. 

Headshot of Diego Vazquez Lozano, 90 Day Finn 2024

Diego Vazquez Lozano (Mexico)

Diego, a film director, CEO, and the founder of Detachment East Ltd from Mexico, brings honor, passion, and resilience to the 90 Day Finn Program. With an impressive background in film direction, visual effects, and animation, Diego has worked on notable projects like “Washington Black” and “The Courier.” His connection to Finland was instant: “After spending some time [in Finland] I immediately felt pulled towards the culture and the people. The passion for design permeates across the country and resonates with my core self.”  Diego looks forward to immersing himself in the Finnish business ecosystem, learning from icons like Linus Torvalds and Aki Kaurismäki, enjoying sauna sessions, and karaoke nights in Helsinki. 

Headshot of Hiromi Yamada, 90 Day Finn 2024

Hiromi Yamada (Japan)

Hiromi Yamada, an empathetic, passionate, and conscientious professional from Japan, is excited to dive into Helsinki’s business ecosystem and embrace the local work-life balance. As the Director of the Impact Investment Team at Shinsei Corporate Investment Ltd., Hiromi has invested particularly linked to childcare, education, and diverse ways of living and working. “I have wanted to learn the innovation ecosystem of Helsinki, entrepreneurship education and life-work balance!” Hiromi is eager to see what new perspectives she will discover and how her way of thinking will evolve through this unique program. She looks forward to experiences and diverse encounters while embracing the Finnish work culture.

Headshot of Marina Barboza, 90 Day Finn 2024

Marina Barboza (Brazil)

Marina, a creative, flexible, and authentic professional from Brazil, is increasingly excited to explore Helsinki. As Head of Innovation at Venturus, Marina has extensive experience in design thinking, product development, and leading projects focused on open innovation and diversity. “Initially, my motivation was primarily professional, but as I researched more about Finland and its culture, my excitement grew. I’m truly thrilled to experience everything this country has to offer.” Marina aims to dive into Finland’s innovation scenes, build a strong European network, and maintain and strengthen healthy habits through activities like running. 

Headshot of Megumi Umeda, 90 Day Finn 2024

Megumi Umeda (Japan)

Megumi Umeda, a sociable, cheerful, and active professional from Japan, is eager to uncover the secrets behind Finland’s reputation as the happiest country in the world. As a General Manager at Askul Corporation, Megumi has a rich history in marketing and advertising, having worked with major companies like Fujitsu Limited and FAST RETAILING CO., LTD. “I expressed my interest in this program because Finland is the happiest country in the world, and I am interested in how you achieve and instil well-being. I wish I could experience that.” She is excited about living in Helsinki and understanding the essence of Finnish happiness and well-being.

Headshot of Parthvee Jain, 90 Day Finn 2024

Parthvee Jain (India)

Innovative, collaborative, and strategic, Parthvee is eager to integrate diverse tech insights into her business strategies. As a Senior Associate at Nasscom Center of Excellence, a government of India initiative, she excels in ecosystem building, program management, and fostering entrepreneurship and innovation within the tech startup world. “Finland’s reputation for innovation fascinates me. I wish to immerse myself in this environment, push my boundaries, and embrace new challenges.” Parthvee aims to create a bridge between the Indian and Finnish tech ecosystems, learning from Finnish culture and sustainable practices to contribute to the global innovation ecosystem.  

Headshot of Rajul Garg, 90 Day Finn 2024

Rajul Garg (India)

Rajul, an entrepreneur, investor, and yoga enthusiast from India, is looking forward to broadening his horizons in Helsinki. As a Managing Partner at Leo Capital, Rajul has an extensive track record in entrepreneurship and venture capital, having founded and invested in multiple successful companies. “As an investor, we get deep into sectors and can miss breadth. I am looking at this as an opportunity to diversify – explore different and interesting parts of the world, people, culture, and technologies.” Rajul is eager to connect with Helsinki’s vibrant ecosystem, enjoy local yoga and cuisine, and diversify his experiences. 

Headshot of Rodolphe Célestin, 90 Day Finn 2024

Rodolphe Célestin (France)

Driven by curiosity, empathy, and a passion for music, Rodolphe from France is excited to immerse himself in Finnish culture. As a Senior Product Designer at Blank, Rodolphe has a diverse background in fintech, product design, and art direction, having worked with companies like Mazarine Digital and BETC Digital. “It has always been a dream to live in the Nordics and this program is a huge opportunity to experience it, especially here in Finland renowned for its unique mindset and lifestyle. Moreover, this program offers a valuable chance to explore the dynamics of the tech industry in this part of the world.” Rodolphe looks forward to experiencing the Finnish way of life, balancing work and leisure, and connecting with tech experts. 

Sagar Tandon (Singapore)

Sagar Tandon, a gentle, solitude-seeking, and conscious professional from Singapore, is a Partner at Beyond Impact, specialising in venture capital. “There are several reasons [I want to join the program], but primarily, I want to understand Finland’s climate-tech, biotech, biopharma, and bio-economy ecosystem and build a network with potential co-investors and investors in Beyond Impact as LPs.” Sagar is excited to learn about Finnish culture, spend time in nature, and interact with biotech universities, corporates, potential startups, and investors. His personal goal is to reconnect with nature, soul, and life, and he views this experience as a new chapter to understand what it means to be in the Nordics.

Headshot of Thines Rao Raman, 90 Day Finn 2024

Thines Rao Raman (Singapore)

Thines from Singapore, described as innovative, inquisitive, and adaptable, is excited to explore Finland’s renowned innovation and vibrant business landscape. As the Vice President of Cyber Security Solutions at DACTA SG Pte. Ltd., Thines brings a wealth of experience in leading cybersecurity frameworks and implementing cutting-edge security solutions. “Finland’s reputation for innovation, coupled with its stunning natural scenery and unique culture, deeply intrigued me. The 90 Day Finn Program offers the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in this environment, step outside my comfort zone, and embrace new challenges.” Thines aims to connect with local entrepreneurs, exchange ideas, and fully engage with the Finnish business community.

Headshot of Uyen Ngoc Nguyen, 90 Day Finn 2024

Uyen Ngoc Nguyen (Vietnam)

Creative, compassionate, and sincere, Uyen from Vietnam is eager to reconnect with Finnish culture. As the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Hai&Ikigai Design, Uyen has a rich background in strategic design, having worked at Pentagon Design and Richard Moore Associates. “Finland has a reputation for being a hub of creativity and sustainable development, and I am eager to learn from and contribute to this environment. The program also provides a chance to reconnect with a culture that had a profound impact on me during my formative years.” Uyen looks forward to exploring innovative business practices and fully embracing the Finnish summer through outdoor activities. 

Veronika Marsland (Canada)

Veronika Marsland, a curious, friendly, deep thinker from Canada. She is the Founder, Producer, and CEO of Digital Squirrel Studios & Marsland Consulting. “I am producing a documentary and would like to film in the Nordics, making this a perfect opportunity to explore the local creative ecosystem and connect with people. Additionally, I believe in lifelong learning and see the program as a chance for both career and personal growth. I’m also interested in exploring the possibility of establishing a team in Europe for my production house.” Veronika is excited to meet other creatives, learn about the film industry in Helsinki, and provide her family with a rich cultural experience. Her personal goal is to visit as many saunas as possible in her quest for a good work-life balance.

Vincent Marsland (Canada)

Vincent, a globetrotting tech entrepreneur from Canada, is keen to build lasting relationships within Helsinki’s tech ecosystem. As the Senior Founder Success Manager at Communitech, Vincent has extensive experience in entrepreneurship, product management, marketing, advising founders and driving growth. “Long term, I am working on my next venture and would be keen to meet new people and organisations that could be additive toward that journey.” Vincent is excited about the community, meeting his peers in the program, and making meaningful connections that will fuel his next venture. 

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