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Learn more about Helsinki’s latest foodtech innovations: sustainable solutions, smart packaging, and cutting-edge R&D shaping the future of food.

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5 Future foodtech trends from Helsinki

Explore Helsinki’s top foodtech innovations—from cellular agriculture to vertical farming—and how they’re benefiting the global food industry.

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Helsinki the place for sustainable investment

Why is Helsinki emerging as a top choice for sustainable investment from Asia? Explore the similarities between Finland and Singapore, Helsinki’s smart city excellence, and the opportunities for collaboration in ESG investing and smart-city innovations.

A person in a long, black coat walks on rocky mound covered with grass, raised high above the city. On the left is a ridged, concrete structure partially covered by small trees and on the right, more trees reach into the photo. The top of Helsinki's skyline can just be seen over the edge of the rocks.

Circular economy opportunities in Helsinki

Explore the five core business models driving the circular economy, Finland’s strongholds in sustainability, and innovative projects paving the way. Unlock the potential for sustainable growth in the Nordics, with a focus on Helsinki, ESG investing, and the circular economy.