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As sunny and green Esplanade Park during Helsinki Festival, with people sitting on the grass.

Helsinki the World’s Happiest Smart City

Explore the link between happiness and smartness, citizen-centric development, and the trust and transparency that contribute to a thriving environment. Learn why Helsinki is the perfect testbed for smart solutions and high quality of life.

A person in a long, black coat walks on rocky mound covered with grass, raised high above the city. On the left is a ridged, concrete structure partially covered by small trees and on the right, more trees reach into the photo. The top of Helsinki's skyline can just be seen over the edge of the rocks.

Circular economy opportunities in Helsinki

Explore the five core business models driving the circular economy, Finland’s strongholds in sustainability, and innovative projects paving the way. Unlock the potential for sustainable growth in the Nordics, with a focus on Helsinki, ESG investing, and the circular economy.

Man and child out for a walk in Kalasatama

Achieve work-life balance in Helsinki

Embrace family-friendly workplaces, entrepreneurial opportunities, and lower stress levels. Experience the unique Nordic culture and enjoy the benefits of living in Finland. A personal account of how Finland’s work-life balance, trustworthiness, productivity, and sustainability contribute to a fulfilling life.

Man leans on a tree branch and watches a sunset over a lake and a field.

Investing in Circularity and Sustainability

Join us to connect with investors, startups, ecosystem leaders, and industry experts who will share their insights on how circular economy principles can create sustainable business opportunities.

Couple laughing on a clear summer day

10 reasons to become a 90 Day Finn from ChatGPT

If you are a driven change-maker, looking to make a sustainable impact the 90 Day Finn programme is your call to relocate to the happiest country and experience real work-life balance while solving challenges such as the energy crisis.