Founders to Finland a scale-up startup’s path to European success

Founders to Finland is a scale-up entrepreneur’s fast-track to the New Nordics. Read on to learn what past participants found valuable in the program and the vibrant Helsinki ecosystem.

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  • Connect with potential parters, clients, and peers within Helsinki’s vibrant business ecosystem.
  • Get free tickets to Europe’s primer scale-up event Slush and over 300 side events.
  • Benefit from Helsinki’s unique position as a gateway to Europe, Asia, and North America.
  • Engage with an ecosystem recognised as teh second more innovative in Europe, ideal for RDI and sustainable growth.

Experience Slush 2024 with Founders to Finland

Ready to take your scale-up to the next level? The Founders to Finland Program is your gateway to Helsinki’s vibrant, values-driven business ecosystem. Helsinki, the capital of the world’s happiest country, offers a unique launchpad into the New Nordics—Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. This region has become a powerhouse of innovation, often called a “unicorn factory,” second only to Silicon Valley.

The much-anticipated Slush 2024 Edition of the Founders to Finland Program kicks off in November 2024. This exclusive program is a golden ticket to explore new business opportunities, immerse yourself in Helsinki’s dynamic scale-up culture, and attend Slush 2024—the premier European event for scale-ups.

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Founders to Finland is 7-day deep-dive into the New Nordics business ecosystem. It’s designed for international scale-up founders to build a highly relevant network in the Nordics and gain fast access to the European market. The program is free of charge, participants only need to cover the cost of their expenses.

Program alumni praise the introductions and quality of life

Participants rave about the program’s ability to forge powerful connections. Arvin Tang, Managing Director of AKIN and Summer 2024 participant, praised Helsinki Partners’ services: “Helsinki Partners provided extensive help in matching potential partners, clients, and peers for the program.”

Shilpa Karkeraa, Group CEO of Myraa Technologies, highlighted the program’s welcoming atmosphere: “It felt like a family with the warmth from the Helsinki Partners team and everyone we met.” She also resonated with the Finnish concept of “sisu”—a unique blend of resilience and determination.

Rhythm Jolly, CPO at FlocCare, emphasised the Finnish commitment to work-life balance: “I relate to the gender balance here. It’s a place where one can find and maintain true balance between work and everyday life.”

Helsinki – a hub for RDI and sustainable growth

Helsinki stands out as a key location for research, development, and innovation (RDI). The ecosystem punches above its weight in R&D, making it the second most innovative region in Europe and an ideal environment for developing new, world-changing solutions. Founders to Finland participants can build robust professional networks, pilot new projects, and expand their market reach, all while diving into Helsinki’s unique business culture.

The city’s strategic location between East and West offers unparalleled access to Europe, Asia, and North America. Helsinki’s vibrant and supportive startup community is one of its greatest assets. The city boasts a dynamic, close-knit network of startups, investors, and other players, all eager to make an impact through sustainable business. The goal is that introductions to relevant partners lead to public-private-partnerships, joint product development, piloting in the urban environment, and cross-market projects.

I’m quite impressed by the ecosystem here, from incubators like Maria 01 to the support from Helsinki Partners, flows seamlessly from research to commercialisation

Arvin Tang, Managing Director of AKIN, Founders to Finland Summer 2024 participant

Exclusive benefits for Founders to Finland participants

The program offers 15 select participants the chance to experience Helsinki’s community vibes firsthand with a complimentary ticket to Slush 2024—the world’s largest gathering of venture capitalists and scale-ups. Participants will be matched with relevant contacts and have access to over 300 side events.

Program details

Dates: November 17–23, 2024

Over the course of seven days, participants will engage in a variety of activities including:

  • Tailored matchmaking sessions
  • A free Slush 2024 ticket and curated side events
  • Seminars on the Finnish startup ecosystem, public funding, and private investment
  • Company visits and networking events

The program will cover topics such as:

  • The benefits of the Finnish startup ecosystem for international scale-ups
  • How to access public funding and private investment in Finland
  • Strategies for entering Nordic and EU markets via Finland.

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Take the first step towards expanding your business in one of the world’s most vibrant startup ecosystems. Apply now to join Europe’s top founder program and accelerate your journey into the Nordics and beyond.

Apply for the Founders to Finland Program

This scale-up focused program offers purpose-driven founders an immersive experience in the Helsinki ecosystem. Participants connect with potential partners and explore the unique business culture of Helsinki, the capital of the happiest country in the world. 

Our 6-day program is designed for international founders to deep-dive into the Nordic business ecosystem, get relevant connections, and offers a free ticket to Slush, Europe’s biggest gathering for startups and venture capitalists. 

Tuomas Uusiheimo