Join Europe’s top investor program and get a ticket to Slush 2024

Taking place in Helsinki, Finland, Venture Nordics is the leading program for international Venture Capital Investors and Limited Partners seeking to expand their operations and investments outside the US.

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  • Engage with high performing startups and funds that exceed European standards
  • Connect with 5,500 international startup founders and 3,300 investors at Slush 2024
  • Enjoy a mix of professional opportunities and cultural immersion, including a traditional Finnish cottage weekend.
  • Join a program with a track record of connecting global investors with the dynamic Nordic ecosystem.

Venture Nordics Slush 2024 Edition: Your gateway to Nordic investment opportunities

Taking place in Helsinki, Finland, Venture Nordics is the leading program for international Venture Capital Investors and Limited Partners seeking to expand their operations and investments beyond the US.

The ten selected participants will engage with startups and funds that outperform the European average. Helsinki’s vibrant ecosystem, boasting the most unicorns per capita outside Silicon Valley, provides a perfect backdrop for this experience.

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Join the ultimate value add program for investors to efficiently explore Europe’s most innovative high-performing tech ecosystem at SLUSH.

Oh, and did we mention participants will also receive free tickets to Slush 2024, the biggest bash for venture capital, startups and scale-ups in Europe? The event will bring together 5,500 international startup founders and operators and 3,300 investors. 

Join us from November 15th to 21st for the 2024 edition of Venture Nordics at Slush. The program has already earned a reputation for excellence and networking opportunities.

The Venture Nordics program was absolutely wonderful. Each day was unique and valuable, making our time here both professionally productive and personally enjoyable. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Vivek Dogra, Co-founder and General Partner, Defossilisation Development Fund, Venture Nordics Participant Summer 2024

What to expect from the program

Designed for international VC funds looking to explore new investment opportunities in Europe and the Nordics, as well as international LPs interested in investing in Nordic funds, the Venture Nordics program aims to connect investors with an all-access pass into the Nordic startup ecosystem and facilitate strategic investments. 

The Spring 2024 edition of the program saw nine participants, including seven international VCs and two international LPs, managing a combined total AUM of approximately 12 billion euros. Notable participants included the Church of England (one of the largest LPs in the UK) and the Fundamentum Fund (ranked among the top 10 most successful funds in India), among others.

“I was surprised by the amount of support the ecosystem is given here in Finland, and how much organisations are doing to help the start-up ecosystem foster,” commented Matthew Hicks, Senior Investment Analyst, VC Funds at Church Commissioners for England. “The quality of talent here on the company side is truly impressive. The number of investors we were able to meet up with in such a short space of time was also super efficient.” 

Praise from program participants

“I did not realise that Finland was on par with the biggest global players in quantum computing. It was fascinating to see how quantum computing is applicable in the real world, and how its utilisation will change the way we think about solving challenges and issues,” highlighted Linn-Cecilie Linneman, Impact Investor, Venture Capital and Board Member of North Venture et al. “We talked with a lot of companies and noticed that people are starting to revolve around impact investing in this sector, which is great to see. Combined with Finland’s deep tech community, there are a lot of opportunities for climate companies to emerge and expand.” 

Thank you so much Helsinki Partners Team, each of you has been amazing and this has been an exceptionally valuable experience. Thanks to your work, we are piqued to delve deeper into the Finnish ecosystem, invest in Finnish startups, come back to attend Slush, and become increasingly relevant for Finnish LPs.

Celine Schulze, Co-Founder of Narwhale Ventures, Venture Nordics Participant Summer 2024

Get free tickets to the largest gathering of Venture Capital in the world

The Venture Nordics Slush 2024 Edition offers a carefully crafted itinerary that promises to maximise your return on investment. The program is an effective blend of business and pleasure, featuring a range of opportunities from high-powered meetings and dynamic networking events to a cozy weekend at a traditional Finnish cottage. It’s a packed, yet relaxing dive into the Finnish way of working and living.

Participants will receive free tickets to Slush 2024, Europe’s premier venture capital gathering. With attendees managing over 3 trillion dollars in assets, the networking opportunities are truly unparalleled. One of the benefits of the program, is that participants receive a dedicated advisor at your service. They’ll help you book meetings with key industry players, find the right contacts, and guide you to the most relevant side events. Plus, you’ll gain access to the exclusive LP track, ensuring your Slush experience is as impactful as it is enjoyable.

Explore the unicorn hub of Europe through Venture Nordics

Helsinki is a top destination for venture capital, supported by its innovative ecosystem and strong governmental support. Helsinki boasts the highest number of startups per capita in Europe and provides dynamic networking opportunities.

The New Nordics, often dubbed the Unicorn Hub of Europe, feature the most unicorns per capita outside Silicon Valley. Finnish funds consistently outperform the European average, making Helsinki a highly attractive destination for investors. But don’t just take our word for it – join the program and come see for yourself! 

Venture Nordics Slush 2024 Edition Program highlights

From November 15th to 21st, the program will host 10 select participants, offering a blend of networking, business opportunities, and cultural experiences:

  • Networking sessions with local LPs and VCs to get a highly relevant network in only 7 days
  • Complimentary Investor ticket to Slush 2024, including access to the LP track and exclusive side-events
  • In-depth exploration of the deep-tech ecosystem with introductions to thriving local companies
  • Experience Finnish culture with a weekend retreat at a traditional cottage

Apply for the Venture Nordics Program, today!

Join us in Helsinki this November to explore the region with funds outperforming the European average, this is your chance to be part of Europe’s leading investor program. Apply now to discover the investment opportunities in the New Nordics.

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The Venture Nordics Program is offering an exclusive opportunity to 10 adventurous investors to explore the region with the highest number of unicorns per capita outside Silicon Valley. Spots are incredibly limited. Apply now to secure your place before it’s too late

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