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Helsinki Partners’ provides journalists and media representatives with information about media visits together with all the data, facts and statistics you could need about Helsinki. 

Woman taking a photo at Allas Sea Pool
Woman taking a photo at Allas Sea Pool

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Helsinki: the story of a good life

Whether you’re writing a travel feature or a news segment – we can help you find everything you need to tell the story of Helsinki. Our services are always free of charge.

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We understand the vital role media professionals play in sharing stories that inform and captivate audiences worldwide. We are committed to supporting your work by providing tailored resources, unwavering assistance, and unforgettable experiences that showcase the vibrant spirit of Helsinki.

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Latest Press Releases from Helsinki Partners

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and press releases from the Helsinki Material Bank.

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Aerial view from above Helsinki Cathedral, with the Senate Square in the frame, looking out towards Helsinki harbour in the evening.
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Helsinki Facts and Figures 2023

Download the latest facts and figures produced by the City of Helsinki.

Images to spark your creativity

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Discover Helsinki’s unique approach to business and a better quality of life. As a leader in sustainability, we foster creative, collaborative, and future-proof businesses. Browse captivating photos showcasing Helsinki’s thriving business scene. Welcome to a city where doing good and making money seamlessly intertwine.

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Sustainability is more than a buzzword in our city. We understand the responsibility cities hold in tackling the global climate crisis. We believe that achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 requires tangible actions, even in the face of slush and snow. Find photos embracing a proactive approach to sustainability and building a greener future.

elicacy from restaurant Grön - Leek & pike "Roast", herbs from the Grön farm, grilled butter, mussel broth and parsley oil. Presented by Badass Food Stories in their piece, Farm-to-fork at Michelin-star restaurant Grön in Helsinki.

Food culture

Indulge in Helsinki’s thriving culinary scene with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and innovative cooking. Find captivating photos showcasing Helsinki’s vibrant, inventive, and fresh food experiences. Helsinki’s food scene blends international culinary skills with unique Finnish traditions and a strong environmental ethos.

Show on Map Helsinki 24/7 - man trying VR at Oodi Library construction site


Helsinki is one of Europe’s most tech-savvy cities, fostering collaboration and innovation between companies, universities, and research institutions. Explore photos showcasing Helsinki’s tech-driven environment. Experience a city where digital transformation enhances every aspect of life.

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In Helsinki, a lively city means more than urban hustle. It’s connecting with calming seashores, untamed nature, ice dipping, pop-up culture, and spontaneous bridge parties. Discover a vibrant city where unique experiences unfold at every turn. In this curated gallery you’ll find photos that capture the essence of our lively and dynamic city.

Viewed from behind and looking out through the huge window at Kaisa library, students sit, kickback and read.


In Helsinki, design is ubiquitous. It enhances the lives of residents, belonging to everyone. From functional furniture to urban planning solutions, Helsinki’s design embodies simplicity, functionality, and beauty. Find photos of a city where design enriches how we live, work, and play.

Fast Facts about Finland & Helsinki


Finland is the happiest country in the world for six years in a row.

World Happiness Report, 2023


Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals of all UN Member States

Sustainable Development Report, 2023


Best business environment in the world.

Global Innovation Index, WIPO, 2021


Best country for launching a startup

Business Money, 2023


Finland is the second most gender-equal country in the world.

World Economic Forum, 2022


Healthiest city in the world

Money, 2023

Represent Sustainably

Represent Sustainably is Helsinki’s Ambassador Program for international key opinion leaders, influencers, creators, investors, powerful individuals, or talents whose values, interests and key audiences are in line with those of the city. It’s a long-term program that has a strong emphasis on a holistic view of sustainability: taking into consideration five areas of sustainable influencer marketing: travel, food, social responsibility/DEI, culture, and collaborations. Helsinki Partners’ responsibility as a partner is to ensure that sustainable operations start by looking at our own actions. The Ambassador Program supports Helsinki’s implementation of sustainable development goals. 

If you are interested in partnering with Helsinki as an ambassador, please reach out to us. 

Tuomas Uusiheimo

Visit the rest of Finland

If you are interested in visiting other cities in Finland besides Helsinki on your trip, get in touch with our partners at Visit Finland.

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Learn more about life in Helsinki

From renowned restaurants and exciting events to thrilling activities and captivating sights, explore the city’s diverse offerings and unique experiences.

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Think sustainably

Media visits are arranged using sustainable guidelines. This means we use mainly public transportation, prefer companies that are in the Think Sustainably service, and we compensate for the carbon footprint from our guests’ flights.

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Why Helsinki?

The most pressing global challenges will be solved on a city level. Helsinki, one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe, is a perfect testbed for future solutions.

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