90 Day Finn Programme 2023

Unlock the secret to a good life in Helsinki! Join the 90 Day Finn Programme to make a lasting impact alongside a network of global change-makers. Welcome to your new home. Apply before Feb 24.

Diverse group in a snowy forest
Diverse group in a snowy forest

The 90 Day Finn Program­­me

Experience life in Helsinki, the capital of the world’s happiest country. Gain the support, connections, and information you need to thrive in Helsinki. Get ready for a truly transformational experience.

What is the 90 Day Finn Programme?

The 90 Day Finn Programme brings together forward-thinking professionals from around the globe. This unique opportunity is designed to help you grow your business and make valuable connections in Helsinki.

Our expert team of business advisors will help you achieve your goals and thrive in Helsinki.

The programme runs from August to October 2023

A business venture that just makes ​sense 

Helsinki Partners’ business advisors are experts in conducting business in Helsinki. They will help you achieve your goals and thrive in this vibrant city. Of course, we’ll also arrange an inspiring workplace in the city centre.

Helsinki is ranked third in the world for work–life balance when comparing data on work intensity, institutional support, legislation, and liveability. Come experience the good life in Helsinki.

Jussi Hellsten

Join 14 other change-makers and explore new horizons in Helsinki

We believe collaboration works best across different disciplines and that unexpected synergies lead to better innovation. The growing 90 Day Finn network proves it.

In Helsinki, we know that innovation needs creativity. Immerse yourself in our city, let the design inspire you and ignite your creative spark.

Creating sustainable impact under 90 days

Helsinki is a city that just works. Our versatile city offers a dynamic urban atmosphere paired with stunning natural beauty.

Helsinki is a pioneer in forward-looking, inclusive, and low-hierarchical business culture. Get swift access to our unique business ecosystem that is solving the challenges of tomorrow, today.

Feel at home in the world’s happiest country

In Helsinki, you’ll feel at home in no time. Our relocation partners are here to help you with everything you need, including obtaining the necessary documents, a place to live, and even a school for your child.

That way you can fully enjoy your life in Helsinki, from start to finish.

About the programme

90 Day Finns 2023 have been selected and will be announced in May. The programme runs from August to October 2023.

What participants are saying

It is rare that one’s expectations are not only met but exceeded. The 90 Day Finn Programme has offered a first-class ticket to doing business in Finland and appreciating the Finnish lifestyle and culture. The happiness quotient is often spoken about, but what has been even more rewarding to experience is the willingness to collaborate; the sense of security; the extraordinary access to nature; and the ease of communicating despite not speaking the language. We look forward to establishing a subsidiary of our business here

Catherine Lückhoff, CEO, 20fifty, 90 Day Finn 2022

Finland is a leader when it comes to sustainable smart cities. Technology is very important, but although Finland is a global leader in many technologies, what sets Finland apart is the governance of cities. Neighbourhoods are diverse, not segregated. Municipalities encourage the participation of citizens in decision-making.

Jaime Alvarez, Co-founder 100 Thousand Million, 90 Day Finn 2021

Discover the secrets of Helsinki

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Helsinki runs smoothly in English

Services are readily available in English, a language that citizens have a good command of. Applying for work can also be done in English.

Contact us

If you are interested in learning more about the 90 Day Finn Programme and its possibilities – please contact our Programme Manager, Sami Häikiö. You can expect a reply within a few working days.

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