90 Day Finn Program 2024

Experience the Helsinki business ecosystem like a local. Immerse yourself in the world’s happiest capital and experience a unique blend of professional growth and personal fulfilment. 

Man with his arms up in peaceful embrace of the falling rain deep in the Finnish woods
Man with his arms up in peaceful embrace of the falling rain deep in the Finnish woods

The 90 Day Finn Program

Experience the Helsinki business ecosystem like a local. Immerse yourself in the world’s happiest country and experience a unique blend of professional growth and personal fulfilment. 

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About the program

What is the 90 Day Finn Program?

The 90 Day Finn Program provides international corporate executives, business developers and innovation leaders the opportunity to live and work like a Finn. This one-of-a-kind venture is tailor-made to fuel your business growth and give you unique access to the thriving business ecosystem of Helsinki. Make connections and reap the benefits of Finland’s strong public-private partnerships. 

The 90 Day Finn Program is for you if you’re part of the decision-making process in your company to expand to new markets and discover innovative business opportunities. What better way to test the market and build a solid foundation for your company’s expansion in Europe? The program will give you exclusive access to industry events while offering relocation support and an authentic peek into the local culture. Imagine a networking event in a traditional Finnish sauna – that’s our definition of life-work balance (in that order). 

How it works

Register your interest for the 2025 program

The application period for 2024 is now closed. We invite you to join the waitlist, to be among the first to know when applications reopen.

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Flexible program

Why 90 Day Finn?

The 90 Day Finn Program, organised by Helsinki Partners, provides a tailor-made experience for international professionals to assess this European innovation hub’s suitability as a strategic business location. Our business advisors know the city like the back of their hands – which means you’ll be in capable hands for the entirety of your stay.  

Reasons to join

Helsinki’s unique blend of innovation, talent, and sustainable growth opportunities can help unlock the full potential of your business – explore why joining the Finnish market can be your next great corporate decision.

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90 Day Finn 2024 Program Overview

We’ve put together a comprehensive program that covers everything you need to know about the Finnish ecosystem. The program is designed in a way that allows you to carry out your daily work – and hopefully also experience the Finnish life-work balance. You can expect 3-4 short events per week during your stay.

Application period

December 1, 2023 – February 29, 2024

Application period for the 90 Day Finn Program 2024

Participant selection

March, 2024

Applicants will go through two virtual interview rounds

Remote onboarding for participants

May – June, 2024

Participants will undergo a preparatory phase in the spring, ensuring they are ready for their transformative journey.

30-Day intensive immersion

August – September, 2024

A 30-day intensive immersion in August-September 2024, featuring exclusive events and insights to connect with local businesses, networks, and culture.

60-Day optional extension period

September – November, 2024

An optional 60-day period to deepen new contacts and further explore business opportunities identified during the immersion.

Participant testimonials

What participants say

Man looks up in wonder at the Kone headquarters

“Helsinki Partners is the golden ticket for making connections in Helsinki. What would normally take a lot of effort to figure out, you can just ask Helsinki Partners and get the solution. “

Boutros Lama, 90 Day Finn 2023, CEO

Three women chatting happily at a networking event

“Coming to Helsinki, I already feel so much calmer and relaxed when it comes to doing my work, and I’m finding the right means and processes of doing it better while still enjoying my personal time and nature time.”

Tanya Khanijow, 90 Day Finn 2023, CEO

Two women laughing in a field during a summer shower

“Joining the 90 day Finn Program is an amazing experience for somebody open to meeting other global citizens with an innovative approach to life, and that is in and of itself a tremendous advantage.”

Amelia Schaffner, 90 Day Finn 2023, Partner and Co-Founder


Learn more about the 90 Day Finn Program

90 Day Finn FAQ

90 Day Finn 2024 will have a focus on corporate decision-makers, industry thought leaders and digital creatives. The application period is Dec 1, 2023–Feb 29, 2024 and the program runs from August to November 2024. 

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Contact info

If you have questions about the application process or the program do not hesitate to reach out. You can anticipate a response within 3-4 working days:

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