90 Day Finn programme

Andro Lindsay, part of the 90 Day Finn 2021 programme and Co-founder of 100 Thousand Million, smiles and laughs with someone sitting to their right.
Andro Lindsay, part of the 90 Day Finn 2021 programme and Co-founder of 100 Thousand Million, smiles and laughs with someone sitting to their right.

90 Day Finn programme

Experience life and work in Helsinki, the capital of the world’s happiest country. Take this chance to immerse yourself in one of the most innovative business ecosystems and one of the most sustainable cities on the planet.

The application period is now closed. Stay up-to-date with all the information regarding the 90 Day Finn programme and be the first to find out when the next application period will open by following us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Peter Forsgard
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What you get as a 90 Day Finn

90 Day Finn is a programme designed and run by Helsinki Partners, a city-owned non-profit supporting international businesses to succeed in Helsinki. We’ll invite 15 entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, event organisers, tech talents from all over the world to live and find opportunities in the Nordic capital for three full months.

Peter Forsgard

1. 90-day relocation package 

We help you get the required relocation documents for your stay in Finland as well as provide you support with finding housing, daycare and schooling for your children. We hook you up with a vibrant workspace in the city centre and we introduce you to relevant business networks and hubs.

2. Tailored services for your needs

Everyone’s needs are different. So you’ll get a personal plan that includes services like:

  • Identifying growth opportunities for your company
  • Guidance through establishing your company in Finland
  • Delivering customised deal flow

We’ll match you with the right development and piloting opportunities, and we’ll introduce you to key business and policy influencers in the city.

3. Guidance for obtaining long-term residency

Our mission is to help you reach your business goals during your stay and make you fall in love with Helsinki. If you choose to extend your stay beyond 90 days, we’ll help you apply for a residence permit and get settled in Finland for longer.

Why become a 90 Day Finn?

What would life look like in a city where you can have it all?

Helsinki is one of the few places left in the world with a strong work-life balance culture. In practice, it means you can build a successful career and still have enough time and energy for a flourishing personal life. This is your opportunity to understand and embrace the Nordic culture, live your life sustainably, and advance as a professional abroad.

We’ll help you achieve your business goals

Our team of experts will provide you with the support you need to reach your business objectives in Helsinki. You’ll feel like a local in 90 days.

My objectives for Helsinki were both professional (explore the opportunity to launch a Sustainable Agriculture Fund) and personal (add Finland to my home country repertoire). I have made significant progress in both of these areas during my stay in Finland. I can truly say that I have a comfort and social support network in Helsinki that only comes after years of living somewhere.

Sameer Narula – 90 Day Finn (2021 programme) & Managing Partner at August One
Peter Forsgard

You’ll join 14 other innovative, intelligent and talented 90 Day Finns

You’ll participate alongside international, diverse and well-connected people in the programme. During the 2021 round, our 90 Day Finns collaborated and started projects not only with players from the Helsinki ecosystem but also with other 90 Day Finns from across the world.

What a strong bonding experience! Being part of 90 Day Finn program has made possible the impossible, in the midst of a global pandemic. I remain impressed by this extraordinary group of very enjoyable people and their incredible talents, a joyful experience of a lifetime.

William Carbone – 90 Day Finn (2021 programme) & CEO and Co-founder at The Adjacent Possible
Peter Forsgard

Discover the hidden gem of Helsinki

Helsinki packs a lot of ambition and activity into its borders, despite being relatively small for a capital city. Take sustainability, for instance – Helsinki is a forerunner in sustainable development, and we aim to become completely carbon neutral by 2030 (the goal was 2035, but we’re making progress faster than anticipated). 

There are no empty words here, and when a company talks about sustainability that really means concrete actions. Finland is leading worldwide in several aspects, but more important than that, it has a very strong commitment to remain the leader

Andro Lindsay – 90 Day Finn (2021 programme) & Co-founder at 100 Thousand Million
Peter Forsgard

Experience one of the world’s most livable cities

Living in Helsinki is easy because it’s designed and managed for the people. Enjoy a superb public transport system, clean streets, open park spaces, plenty of services, cultural sites, and feel safe while using them all. The list goes on, so apply to become a 90 Day Finn and see for yourself!

Helsinki is a wonderful city, very much designed for people. I appreciate how walkable it is, the abundant greenspace and open waterfront, and a density that feels like a social nexus without being overcrowded. I truly enjoy it here.

Jeff Valk – 90 Day Finn (2021 programme) & CEO and Co-founder at Admetsys

Living in Helsinki is the most convenient life I have ever lived.

Alli Óttarsson – 90 Day Finn (2021 programme) & Principal at Makers Fund
Peter Forsgard

2021’s 90 Day Finn programme provided fast lane access to the Helsinki ecosystem

  • Over 5,000 applications were received
  • 13 top-tier professionals were selected (investors, entrepreneurs, academics and tech talent)
  • 2 founded and registered companies in Helsinki – 100 Thousand Million and The Adjacent Possible
  • More than half of our participants stayed in Finland after 90 days
  • All participants enjoyed living and working in Helsinki, and they are eager to endorse and promote the city
Helsinki Partners

Meet the 90 Day Finns in 2022

Get to know our 90 Day Finn participants, part of the 2022 programme! They have been in Helsinki from the beginning of August until end of October, but some of them stayed a bit longer. Read more about them below!

Peter Forsgård

The 90 Day Finn program was an amazing and life-changing experience for our family. From assistance with the entry visa, accommodation, public transportation, language training, a school for our child to arranging business and professional meetings and cultural events, it provided great help and support. Kiitos paljon!

Ladi Carr

90 Day Finn – 2021 programme

Global Director at University of Virginia Darden School

Peter Forsgard

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Helsinki provides tailored support for entrepreneurs

International founders come from all over the world to explore the great opportunities for startups and growth companies in Helsinki.

Woman talking on the phone
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Investors find Helsinki as the city of opportunity

The 90 Day Finn programme gives investors the chance to discover the Finnish ecosystem and find interesting companies for their portfolio.

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Helsinki is the city of choice for congresses

The 90 Day Finn programme is now open for event organisers. They can base themselves in Helsinki to experience the Nordic lifestyle.

Carr family - Sean, Sebastian and Ladi are smiling at the camera, in the background part of the Stockmann building can be seen, 90 Day Finn family
© Peter Forsgard

Finland is for families

90 Day Finns, Sean and Ladi Carr and their son, Sebastian came to Helsinki to experience the livable city.

With Stockmann standing behind in a blurred background, Sameer Narula, participant in 90 Day Finn, stands looking towards the camera with one hand raised and holding his glasses.
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Finland’s ‘Goldilocks moment’

Investor Sameer Narula used the 90 Day Finn programme to discover innovative and sustainable food companies.

Group shot of the 2022 90 Day Finns and their families
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Attracting sustainable growth experts to Helsinki

Helsinki’s ambition is to be an internationally attractive place where businesses, jobs, investments, and expertise can all grow. One of the ways in which Helsinki is marketing the city’s opportunities is the 90 Day Finn programme, which invites international entrepreneurs and investors to come and live in Helsinki for a period of three months.