Founders to Finland programme

Tailored programme for select business founders and investors from Asia. Our unique initiative offers you the opportunity to establish your business in Helsinki, granting you access to the thrivi

A man is sitting and reading in a designer chair inside a large and spacious room of the Aalto studio.
A man is sitting and reading in a designer chair inside a large and spacious room of the Aalto studio.

Founders to Finland

Tailored programme for business founders and investors from Asia.

Our unique initiative offers you the opportunity to establish your business in Helsinki, granting you access to the thriving European market. Join our vibrant and forward-thinking tech ecosystem, nestled in a value-driven society in the bustling capital of the world’s happiest country.

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What you get

Finland is the best location to access the EU market for many Asian entrepreneurs. Helsinki has one of the most innovative business environments in the world, and its attractive work and life balance creates an excellent place for you to establish your presence in Europe. In practice, this means you can build a successful company in a testbed market while maintaining a flourishing personal life.

“If your structures are in place, you’ll have ample funding opportunities here in Finland. If you have a good idea and the will to make it work, the country has the organisations and the networks that can help you to do so.”

Parneet Bajaj

CEO at (Relocated from India)

“Helsinki is a great place, with a good balance between city life and nature. It’s hard to find other European cities with this mix. I also work in tech and Helsinki is one of the best cities in Europe for this field.”

Zhao Hanbo

Head of Business Development & Strategy at Supermetrics (Relocated from China)

“No matter how hard you work here, you will enjoy the benefits. You don’t need to be rich, and you don’t need to have special connections. Everything is fair and easy in Finland.”

June Yeoh

Freelance Tourism Specialist & Entrepreneur at (Relocated from Malaysia)

The Helsinki advantage

Sitting on a picnic blanket with the rolling greenery of the park in the background, a mother laughs with their eyes closed while holding a girl who's lying in her lap. Two other kids and a small dog are also laying on the blanket.

Family benefits

Helsinki works for the whole family. 360 days of paid parental leave, a free baby box full of necessities for every baby born in Helsinki, as well as an affordable daycare system all add to the well-being of both children and parents.

Woman talking behind the window

Employee benefits

All permanent residents in Helsinki are covered under the National Health Care
Insurance scheme. Paid vacation of four weeks is considered the standard and
working hours are flexible. Many employers offer extra perks such as meal benefits,
gym memberships and private pension plans.

Universal healthcare

In Helsinki, accessing healthcare is quick and convenient for everyone. Maternity and child health clinics support families in pregnancy, parenting and child health.

A kid facing the camera on a trip to the woods with daycare, looks up towards the trees through homemade binoculars whilst another kid and teacher watch in the background.

Free education

University education in Finland is entirely state-funded. Degrees taught in Finnish/Swedish are free for everyone and English-taught degrees are tuition-free for students coming from EU/EEA countries. Basic education from grades 1 to 9 is free for everyone.

Big small city

Helsinki is compact in size but still has the urban buzz of a metropolis. Helsinki is practically a walking city with a smooth public transport system (also with a baby
buggy or wheelchair).

View looking up at the Lasipalatsi tower from between the tall, wooden frame planters of Keidas, an Oasis plant installation and meeting place filled with lush greenery.

Eco-conscious society

Ecological thinking is strongly present in everyday life in Helsinki. An extensive recycling system and ambitious climate aims make Helsinki a model city for sustainable development.

Interested in learning more about life in Helsinki?

Tuomas Uusiheimo

Why Helsinki?

The most pressing global challenges will be solved on a city level. Helsinki, one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe, is a perfect testbed for future solutions.

Tuomas Uusiheimo

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