This Helsinki startup has the solution to Paris’s bed bug problem

Helsinki-based Valpas’ sustainable bed bug solution is revolutionising pest control in hotels.

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Valpas: The hospitality standard for permanent bed bug safety

Paris’s bed bug bedlam

Last week news of a bed bug infestation across Paris took the internet by storm. This week we saw the infestation spread across the pond to the UK. These bugs have invaded, not just homes and hotels – but public spaces like the London Underground.

And with the approach of the Paris Olympics, the global implications of this issue become even more pressing.

In the wake of all this one Helsinki-based company, Valpas, offers a sustainable solution to this creepy crawly crisis.

Valpas: A Sustainable Solution from Helsinki

Valpas was founded after a personal encounter with bed bugs by cofounder Martim Gois. In an interview with TechEU Gois explained that the bed bug situation in Paris has far reaching implications:

What we’re seeing in Paris is also bound to happen in other cities. Paris is the most visited city in the world, so this is just the beginning. 

Martim Gois, CEO and Co-Founder of Valpas

According to Gois, Valpas is designed to prevent the infestation permanently. Once installed in a clean room, it prevents the infestation of incoming bugs from the high turnover of guests. 

Further, it can also be used in an already-infested room to accelerate the eradication and help direct staff where to target their efforts and track their progress. 

Harnessing the Power of IoT

Utilising the Internet of Things (IoT), Valpas has developed smart bed legs that trap these pesky invaders.

Valpas offers specialised bed legs that lure and trap bed bugs before they cause infestations. These legs have a unique colour and QR code. Two of them are equipped with pitfall traps and IoT sensors, capturing bugs that try to climb.

The system immediately alerts hotel staff upon detection, essential for early intervention, and also provides comprehensive daily reports. Gois emphasises that once Valpas is in place, it offers lasting protection against infestations, especially with frequent guest turnover.

Beyond Pesticides

In a world where traditional chemical solutions are waning in efficacy, Valpas champions a pesticide-free approach. This not only ensures a more effective solution but also aligns with global shifts towards eco-friendly solutions that prioritise health and the environment.

Making a Mark Across Europe

Valpas’s system is already operational across thirteen European countries, safeguarding over 6,000,000 hotel nights. With the current situation in Paris and the UK, Valpas is rallying for more comprehensive action, emphasising the need for sustainable, effective solutions.

The bed bug crisis underscores the challenges modern cities face. Yet, with innovative solutions like Valpas, there’s hope. As this Helsinki-based gem continues its mission, it stands as a beacon of sustainable innovation amidst contemporary challenges.

Last week, Valpas launched a petition calling on the Office of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Paris to allay travelers’ fears and implement a permanent solution against these pests before the 2024 Olympic Games.

The petition explains hotels play a significant role in exacerbating the bed bug problem due to high guest turnover, similar to COVID super spreaders. As bed bugs are often transported in luggage, rapidly infest and spread within rooms.

Eliminating bed bugs in hotels would reduce their spread to homes, making society safer. Thousands of hoteliers endorse this sentiment, aiming to uphold Paris’s reputation, especially around the Olympics.

It has been signed by thousands of hoteliers to “ensure that Paris remains a favourite destination of the world before, during, and even after the Olympics”.

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