95% Satisfied: What makes Helsinki a top-rated conference host city?

Helsinki is quickly emerging as a leading destination for international conferences. A recent survey revealed that a significant 95% of delegates from 60 countries were satisfied with their experience in Helsinki. This data suggests that the city is exceeding expectations and providing a truly positive experience for conference attendees.

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The 2023 Delegate Survey

In 2023, Helsinki opened its doors to a diverse array of international congress visitors, providing a unique stage for global gatherings. Our annual Helsinki Delegate Survey, conducted from May to October, collected responses from 745 delegates across over 60 countries, to understand how Helsinki is perceived as a congress destination.

What Makes Helsinki Unique?

Helsinki’s appeal as a conference destination lies in its unexpected charm.  While major European cities may seem over-familiar for some international delegates, Helsinki offers a refreshing blend of urban charm, stunning natural beauty, and a rich cultural heritage. The city offers guests a walkable city center, easy access to nature (including a beautiful coastline), and a vibrant restaurant scene.

Helsinki is also a leader in sustainable urban development, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious organisations. Helsinki has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2035. In support of this goal, the city offers congress organisers a free Sustainable Meeting Guide, to help you make more sustainable choices when organising conferences and meetings. Organisers can also rely on a well-developed public transportation system and a strong commitment to green building practices.

Delegates agree that Helsinki has a lot to offer both first time and returning visitors.  

76% of respondents were first time visitors

A staggering 76% of delegates were first-time visitors to Finland, making it an exciting trip for even seasoned travellers. Helsinki is one of the most underrated places to travel, making it a surprising and unique destination for delegates. This novelty underscores our city’s potential to captivate and charm the global academic and professional community.

76% of delegates were visiting Finland for the first time

71% of respondents would consider Finland as a future holiday destination

Reflecting Helsinki’s dual appeal, 41% of delegates brought companions, highlighting the city’s application for work and leisure travel. The wide use of the English language and the ease of getting around makes Helsinki an ideal destination for both frequent travellers and first time travellers alike. This trend illustrates the city’s capacity to cater to both the professional needs and personal explorations of its international guests. Helsinki is a great bleisure travel destination for delegates and their travel buddies.

95% satisfaction guaranteed

An overwhelming 95% of respondents applauded Helsinki as a top-tier congress destination, with its excellent facilities and hospitable environment. The city’s ability to host memorable events is evident in the high satisfaction rates, signalling a strong reputation in the global congress circuit.

Graph: 95% of delegates were satisfied or very satisfied with Helsinki as a host city

77% would come back to Helsinki for holiday

Most delegates (86%) opted to stay in Helsinki for their entire trip, with 88% extending their visit to enjoy the city’s offerings. Furthermore, 77% expressed interest in returning for leisure, showcasing Helsinki’s lasting impression and its appeal as a holiday destination.

One of the most sustainable congress destinations

With 61% of delegates utilising eco-friendly transportation, Helsinki’s commitment to sustainability resonates with its visitors. However, there’s room to grow in fully meeting inclusivity standards (accessibility, LGBTQI+, religion), as only 39% felt that all such needs were met, pinpointing areas for improvement in accessibility and equality. On a global scale Finland ranks 11 out of 197 on the Equality Index and we’re committed to continue raising the bar.

Helsinki a top meeting destination

According to our 2023 survey, a staggering 95% of respondents ranked Helsinki as a top-tier congress destination. This result is a testament to the city’s excellent facilities, hospitable environment, and commitment to providing an exceptional meeting experience.  Helsinki is a city that surprises and delights, offering a unique blend of urban excitement, natural beauty, and cultural richness.  Whether you’re planning a small business meeting or a large international conference, Helsinki is sure to impress.

As shown by the survey results, Helsinki presents a compelling option for meeting planners seeking a fresh and exciting destination for their next conference.  With its beautiful surroundings, rich cultural heritage, and commitment to sustainability, Helsinki is poised to charm and captivate even the most seasoned traveler.

The 2023 Delegate Survey not only reflects Helsinki’s strengths as a congress city but also highlights opportunities for enhancement. By embracing the feedback on inclusivity, alongside the positive affirmations of our city’s charm and sustainability, we are committed to taking that feedback and ensuring that Helsinki remains a top choice for international delegates. Together, we will continue to celebrate our progress and address our challenges, making every congress in Helsinki a gateway to discovery, connection, and enjoyment.

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