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The two partners from NordicNinja (men) are standing and looking at the camera. Behind them there is the Helsinki Partners logo and the Helsinki Partners office background. One of the man is from Japan and is wearing a black suit and a blue shirt, the other man is from Finland and he wears a white shirt.

Investing in Helsinki: Why Finnish Startups are Attracting Global Investors

Discover the secrets behind Helsinki’s thriving startup ecosystem that has been drawing global investors like a magnet. Find out why one international VC fund sees Helsinki as the perfect launchpad to conquer the European market and how the city’s unique qualities can benefit your business too.

Group of people outside the sauna at Lonna in the summer

Thank you for registering for our VIP Event

This invitation only event will uncover the secret to Helsinki’s forward-thinking approach, which is leading the way in solving some of the world’s most pressing issues.