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Two women looking at each other and smiling, outdoors, in the park. They are both dressed in summer long dresses. The park is all green and could be seen in the background.

Educating emergent Nordic venture funds

The Nordic startup ecosystem continues to attract international investors looking to tap into some of the most exciting and rewarding innovation on the planet.

A man and woman sit discussing in front of a laptop at the end of a long table in cafe Birgitta. The walls are natural wood, spherical lamps wrapped in fishing nets hang from the ceiling and to the right are floor to ceiling windows showing the sea underneath a blue sky.

Advantages of starting a company in Helsinki

A discussion about the startup ecosystem in Helsinki with speakers: Pia Santavirta, managing director of Finnish Venture Capital Association; Ekaterina Gianelli from Inventure; Ville Simola, CEO of startup campus Maria01; and Emma Lehikoinen, Chief Operating Officer at Swappie