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Man and child out for a walk in Kalasatama

Achieve work-life balance in Helsinki

Embrace family-friendly workplaces, entrepreneurial opportunities, and lower stress levels. Experience the unique Nordic culture and enjoy the benefits of living in Finland. A personal account of how Finland’s work-life balance, trustworthiness, productivity, and sustainability contribute to a fulfilling life.

A man and a woman go down on spiral stairs talking with each other. The picture is taken in a modern office environment with rather black and silver tones.

International executives thrive in Helsinki

Discover work-life balance in Finland – the happiest country in the world. Hear from global business executives who’ve embraced the 90 Day Finn programme, exploring the city’s diverse workforce, innovative tech sector, and renowned education system, all while enjoying ample time for hobbies, socialising, and relaxation amidst Finland’s breathtaking natural

With their backs facing the camera and standing on a hill in front of Uspenski Cathedral, the man on the left faces forward while the woman on the right reaches her arms into the air whilst smiling. In the background, rooftops and trees can be seen, Helsinki Cathedral sitting on the horizon.

Embracing a Nordic Good Life

Lauren Bengston’s journey from the US to Finland brought her closer to her personal beliefs. Explore the prioritization of work-life balance, trustworthiness, mental and physical health, affordable childcare, safety, and the joy of being oneself in Finnish culture.