Why Finland is the happiest country in the world – again

In Helsinki, we’re not saying we’ve figured it all out, but if happiness were a contest, we’d be the reigning champs. Seven times over, in fact. It’s not just us bragging – the World Happiness Survey says so. But what’s our secret sauce? Simple things, really: fairness in our paychecks, a buddy system that’s ironclad, choices in our hands, and a clean slate when it comes to corruption.

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Why Finland keeps winning at happiness

Sure, Finland’s got the crown, but Helsinki? That’s where the happiness hits home. It’s in our DNA – we’ve knit a society where everyone’s well-being is key, from robust healthcare to schools where kids aren’t just numbers, and a safety net that’s more like a trampoline for life’s curveballs.

City smarts meet nature’s heart

In Helsinki, urban smarts link arms with the great outdoors. Our cityscape’s a playground for togetherness – think libraries doubling as living rooms and saunas where sweat and stories mingle. It’s our own brand of happy architecture.

In Helsinki we trust

In Helsinki, trust is our currency, and we’re rich with it. High trust in public institutions and low crime rates aren’t just statistics; they’re realities that uplift our daily life and secure Finland’s spot as the ‘happiest country in the world.’

We’re not gullible; we just trust each other. Our kids roam free, grown-ups don’t double-check their locks, and our leaders? As transparent as our famed glassware. That’s the Helsinki way.

Life-work balance (in that order)

Helsinki’s the spot where your job knows it’s not your life. Companies here get it – they’ll cheer you on as you log off for family time, me-time, tree-time. Balance isn’t just a word here; it’s a badge we wear with pride.

Ask any Helsinkian and they’ll tell you: work-life balance is non-negotiable. Flexible hours and generous vacation policies aren’t perks; they’re the norm. That’s why professionals in Helsinki thrive – happy at work, happier at play.

Green is the new black

Finland’s on a green streak with the Sustainable Development Goals, and in Helsinki, we’re living it up eco-style. Greenery is our favorite color, and sustainability isn’t a trend – it’s our choice for a lifetime.

The heart of community and culture

Helsinki’s heartbeat is its people. Our markets buzz with banter, and our traditions tie us together.

Our city’s smorgasbord of events celebrate everything from the humble herring to the grandeur of a Michelin-star feast, because here, happiness often looks a lot like a table laden with good food and surrounded by friends, new and old.

Design that delights

Our design scene cuts through the clutter to deliver joy in every corner, every curve. In Helsinki, beauty and brains go together like coffee and pulla (that’s Finnish pastry, in case you’re new here).

A city of lifelong learners

Our schools? Trailblazers. We make learning a journey of joy, not just a quest for grades. And it all starts in Helsinki, where classrooms are as lively as our winter ice rinks.

Helsinki’s educational system is a beacon for lifelong learners. With a unique approach that emphasises creativity over rote learning, tight collaboration between universities and companies, and boundless opportunities for R&D, we’re crafting a smarter, happier future. This is where global citizens come to grow.

Seasons to smile about.

Ever watched the sun set at midnight? Or seen the Northern Lights dance? In Helsinki, nature is in perfect balance with the bright energy of summer complimenting the cozy darkness of winter. Each season here tells its own story, and we love them all, for the contrast they bring and the unique joys each one holds.

We’re happy not perfect.

We’re Helsinki, and we’re happily inviting you to peek behind the curtain of the world’s happiest place. Here, joy isn’t just an act; it’s the air we breathe, the streets we roam, the lives we live. And there’s plenty to go around.

Helsinki Happiness Hacks

Year after year, Finland has been chosen as the happiest country in the world, and as such, we’ve made it our mission to share the methods to our happiness with everyone. We believe that tapping into your inner Finn is the key to unlocking your happiness. This year, it’s time to find your inner Helsinkian in the capital of the happiest country in the world – Helsinki. We invite you to take part in the two-phase application for a chance to visit Helsinki this June and experience the Helsinki Happiness Hacks in person.

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