Venture Nordics Participants 2024

Get to know our Venture Nordic participants.They have managed a total AUM of around 12 billion euros. They will be in Helsinki May 30 - June 7th to explore opportunities in the New Nordic ecosyst

The audience laughs at a Helsinki Partners Slush side event
The audience laughs at a Helsinki Partners Slush side event

Meet the 2024 Venture Nordics Participants

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Abhijeet Hivarekar

Abhijeet is Co-founder of Haritaki, a buyout structure with a roll-up strategy based in Singapore. Haritaki is an environment-focused platform that aims to bring together fifteen to twenty companies under one roof in the coming five years, aiming to become a major player in the Environment and sustainability space.  Currently, they are in the process of making the first three acquisitions in the industrial air pollution control sector. 

Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar is a tech founder turned venture capitalist currently leading Fundamentum as a General Partner, a growth stage venture fund in India, and deploying out of their Fund II with a total size of €200M to lead investment rounds with 10M-25M tickets. His journey began at Microsoft in the USA, followed by founding three tech companies in India, two of which were successfully sold. His latest achievement is completing the fundraising for Fundamentum’s new fund, targeting companies poised to lead their markets. Ashish has played a key role in investments like Spinny, PharmEasy, FarEye, and WishLink.

Headshot of Celine

Celine Schulze

Celine is co-founder of Narwhale Ventures, a strategy for direct investments in early-stage sustainability-driven blue economy startups. As the ocean is the largest carbon sink, it plays a crucial role in climate mitigation and adaptation. Innovations are currently unlocking the ocean’s potential to provide sustainable food, transportation and goods. Celine and her team have invested over EUR 1.2 billion in SME.

Linn-Cecilie Linneman

Linn-Cecilie Linnemann brings over two decades of experience as a seasoned entrepreneur and investor, with a track record in business strategy, investment, and communication. She spearheaded the Katapult Group as CEO, an influential European impact venture investor with a portfolio of 173 companies geared towards global climate and ocean positivity.

Matthew Hicks 

Matthew Hicks represents The Church Commissioners for England in global venture fund investments, emphasising ethical and responsible investment practices. His role involves strategic allocations to transformative startups through top-tier venture funds, with a focus on sustainable growth. At the end of 2022, the Church Commissioners’ investment fund held assets valued at £10.3B. 

Milapsinh Jadeja 

Milapsinh Jadeja, an accomplished angel investor and strategic advisor from India, boasts a global investment portfolio with over 70 companies. His experience spans two decades in senior management roles, complemented by academic achievements in executive education and private equity from U.C.-San Diego & Ahmedabad University. Milap’s involvement in establishing the Iroller Emerging Opportunities Fund Category 1 AIF showcases his commitment to fostering early-stage innovation.

Rahul Rajani 

Based in London, Rahul Rajani runs his family’s investment office out of Mumbai and Singapore.  Apart from the managing the investment practice, he is also developing renewable energy assets across India. The family office are LP’s in multiple venture and private equity funds across different geographies and sectors. Some noticeable direct investments include – Cover Genius(Australia), Vespene(US), H20 AI(US), Cerebras Systems(US)

Vadim Shpak

Vadim Shpak, as the Managing Director at Vickers Venture Partners, brings over seven years of venture capital expertise to the forefront of global business development and investment strategies. His acumen in raising capital for funds and their investee companies is complemented by his prowess in fostering robust investor relations, refining negotiation skills, and implementing strategic management. Committed to innovation and growth, Vadim leverages his vast network and industry insight to champion startups poised to create substantial regional and global change.

Vivek Dogra

Vivek is the Co-founder and General Partner at DDF – Defossilisation Development Fund, a Swiss climate-tech fund dedicated to eliminating fossil fuel dependencies across various industry sectors. His extensive background in corporate venture building and leadership spans the venture capital and consumer goods industries.