Helsinki the Nordic’s top congress city

Are you planning a congress and searching for an exceptional destination to captivate your attendees? Welcome to Helsinki, the most popular congress city in the Nordics. Embrace Helsinki’s quirky charm and receive tailored support for an unforgettable congress experience.

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Helsinki: Your unforgettable congress destination

Are you organising a congress and seeking an exceptional destination to leave a lasting impression on your attendees?

Look no further than Helsinki – the jewel of the Nordics. With its captivating blend of modernity and tradition, Helsinki stands as an enticing, choice for congress organisers year-round.

If you are among Europe’s leading allergy researchers, chances are you have already visited Helsinki. The same applies to Nordic venture capitalists or bestselling American science fiction authors. While this might appear as an unusual mix, what these groups have in common is their shared belief that Helsinki is the perfect city to host their congresses.

Learn why Helsinki was the ideal congress destination for these events, and why you should choose it too if you’re seeking a seamless and unforgettable congress experience.

A harmonious fusion of innovation and culture

Helsinki is renowned for seamlessly intertwining contemporary innovation with its rich cultural heritage. This vibrant city boasts state-of-the-art conference facilities, making it a hotspot for international events. Attendees can enjoy modern amenities while embracing the Finnish spirit, creating an unforgettable congress experience that stands the test of time.

Accessibility and connectivity converge in Helsinki

Helsinki’s strategic location serves as a gateway between East and West, providing unparalleled accessibility for global attendees. The city’s well-connected infrastructure includes an award-winning international airport and efficient public transport, ensuring seamless journeys for all participants. Say goodbye to logistical worries and focus on making your congress a resounding success.

It’s nice to be an event professional in Helsinki because we are a small tight-knit group of and everyone knows each other. Anyone you need to talk to is just two phone calls away, even a CEO or the mayor. It really saves time for the organiser.

Heini Etsola – Senior Advisor, Congresses and Meetings, Helsinki Partners

Helsinki takes pride in its functionality, providing a seamless experience for congress attendees to navigate the city. With its compact layout and efficient public transportation, everything you need is within a 15-minute reach. Travel effortlessly between your hotel, congress venue, restaurants, and other areas, saving valuable time and ensuring a smooth congress experience.

Awe-inspiring venues

Discover a plethora of awe-inspiring venues in Helsinki, catering to congresses of all scales and themes. From cutting-edge convention centres to charming historical sites, Helsinki offers diverse options to suit your event’s unique requirements. Ensure that your attendees are captivated by the venue’s ambiance, setting the stage for a memorable congress that leaves a lasting impression.

World-Class Accommodation and Hospitality

Helsinki’s hospitality is second to none. A wide array of accommodation options that cater to every budget and preference, guaranteeing a comfortable stay for all participants. From luxury hotels with breathtaking views to cozy boutique lodgings, Helsinki provides the perfect home away from home for your congress attendees.

Unmatched Safety and Security

Safety is a top priority in Helsinki, making it an ideal destination for hosting congress events. Helsinki consistently ranks as one of the safest cities in Europe. With low crime rates and efficient emergency services, attendees can focus on the congress’s content without any concerns. Moreover, Helsinki’s clean and well-maintained streets ensure a pleasant and secure environment for all visitors.

A Global Congress Hub

Ranked as the 11th most popular congress city in Europe, Helsinki has earned its reputation as a premier destination for diverse events. Renowned figures from allergy researchers to venture capitalists and bestselling authors have chosen Helsinki for their congresses, attesting to its versatility and appeal.

The combination of great people, venues and location has made Helsinki the city of choice to host events for groups ranging from political parties like the European People’s Party, science conferences such as the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, and fan events like the World Science Fiction Convention Worldcon.


Slush: A high-profile meeting in Helsinki

One high-profile meeting that takes place in Helsinki every year is Slush, the technology and startup event. Slush has grown from a 300-person assembly to a community of global magnitude, drawing entrepreneurs and investors from around the world.

While Slush holds events online and in various locations around the world, its home and largest event remain in Helsinki. According to Eerika Savolainen, CEO of Slush, “I can’t imagine moving this somewhere else. We are built by the students here. We have relationships with the vibrant startup ecosystem here, including entrepreneurs and universities. Helsinki is what gives the event its soul.”

Tailored support for your event

The City of Helsinki goes the extra mile to ensure your event’s success by providing tailored support. Whether you need discounted public transportation, access to vibrant startup ecosystems, or unique experiences like sauna dips, Helsinki has got you covered.

Our compact layout enables seamless travel between event venues, hotels, and local attractions, enhancing convenience for both organisers and attendees.

Helsinki is an interesting and exciting city for international visitors. The city supports new ventures with quirky ideas. Slush has a reputation for being a wild event, but that is because Helsinki has supported us.

Eerika Savolainen – CEO, Slush

Embrace Helsinki’s Quirky Charm

Make your congress truly unforgettable by embracing Helsinki’s love for weird and quirky events. From swamp soccer to mobile phone throwing championships, these small experiences add a distinctive touch to your event and set it apart from the ordinary.

Elevate your congress in Helsinki

Seize the opportunity to create a congress event like no other in the enchanting city of Helsinki. With its harmonious blend of innovation, culture, and world-class facilities, Helsinki sets the stage for an unforgettable experience for both organizers and attendees alike.

Join the ranks of prominent groups, from political parties to science conferences and fan events, who have chosen Helsinki as their premier congress destination.

If you’re interested in organising a congress in Helsinki we’re here to help. Helsinki Partners offers free tailored support and assistance every step of the way.

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