Sustainable Building in Finland: Empowering visionaries through the 90 Day Finn Programme

Explore Helsinki’s role in driving sustainable city development and the impact of the 90 Day Finn Programme, which empowers forward-thinking professionals to create scalable and resilient cities.

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The sustainable city building movement in Helsinki

The role of Helsinki and the 90 Day Finn Programme

Helsinki, the vibrant capital of Finland, has emerged as a hub for sustainability enthusiasts and innovative projects aimed at creating sustainable cities and fostering a greener future.

At the forefront of this movement is the 90 Day Finn Programme, a transformative opportunity that brings together forward-thinking professionals from around the world. In this article, we will delve into the convergence of sustainability experts in Helsinki, their visionary initiatives, and the pivotal role played by the 90 Day Finn Programme in empowering these endeavours.

Helsinki has become a hub for visionary individuals and innovative projects aimed at creating sustainable cities and driving the transition towards a greener future. In this article, we will explore the convergence of sustainability experts in Helsinki, their visionary initiatives, and the role of the 90 Day Finn Programme in fostering these endeavours.

The 90 Day Finn Programme: Empowering forward-thinking professionals

The 90 Day Finn Programme offers a unique and exciting prospect for entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to grow their businesses and establish valuable connections in Finland. This programme opens doors through a dedicated team of expert business advisors who provide guidance and support, enabling participants to thrive in one of the world’s happiest countries.

With the 90 Day Finn Programme, individuals gain access to a nurturing environment that fosters collaboration and innovation. Whether it’s expanding networks, accessing relevant information, or seizing growth opportunities, participants are equipped with the tools they need to make a lasting impact in Helsinki.

Fostering connections between sustainable visionaries

Building sustainable cities: A case study

One notable case study of the 90 Day Finn Programme’s impact comes from the inspiring journey of Andro Lindsay, Jaime Alvarez, and Alberto Scherb, participants of the 2021 cohort. Together, they co-founded 100 Thousand Million with a vision to design and build sustainable cities through their unique “Earth Cities” initiative.

Earth cities: A paradigm shift in sustainable urban living

The Earth Cities concept reimagines the way we live on our planet. It envisions buildings powered by 100% renewable energy microgrids and architectural designs that prioritise resilience against natural disasters. Preventive medicine takes precedence in hospitals, while schools provide high-quality education both online and locally.

One of the central tenets of Earth Cities is socio-economic integration, achieved through collective decision-making mechanisms that foster community participation. The land is dedicated to bio-corridors, and all infrastructure investments are carefully evaluated for their impact on the collective ecological footprint of the city.

The three 100 Thousand Million founders, standing and looking up towards the camera.
© Peter Forsgard

We need to radically redesign the way we live on our planet. 100 Thousand Million is about creating a new way of living. Our aim is a 20-fold decrease in the ecological footprint of cities.

Andro Lindsay ,90 Day Finn 2021 , Co-founder of 100 Thousand Million

Raising capital and building partnerships

Having self-funded their project for several years, Andro, Jaime, and Alberto are now actively seeking capital from public and private investors to further their initiatives. Moreover, they prioritise building a network of partners and research centres in Finland and beyond, seeking collaboration opportunities that amplify their impact.

Another visionary making strides in the sustainability realm is Tagg Jefferson, a 2021 90 Day Finn participant and founder of GridCure. Tagg is a Canadian entrepreneur and energy-industry expert working towards the transformation of cities. His company, GridCure, has developed a predictive analytics program that optimises electrical grids to accommodate new technologies. Tagg recognises the immense talent pool in Finland and eagerly anticipates exploring collaboration opportunities, particularly with companies like Helen.

Tagg Jefferson - 90 Day Finn participant, sat sideways whilst looking at the camera, smiling, as he sits in the Epicenter co-working space. A yellow wall with large, open doorways are dimly lit in the background.
© Peter Forsgard

The 90 Day Finn programme is a unique opportunity to get closer to people with the specific kind of software engineering and machine-learning skills we’re looking for

Tagg Jefferson ,90 Day Finn 2021, Founder of GridCure

Sustainable Finland: A beacon of hope for greener cities and a more sustainable future

Finland is making significant strides towards becoming a sustainable country, largely due to initiatives like the 90 Day Finn Programme, which empowers visionaries from around the world to drive sustainable city development.

Through the collaborative efforts of entrepreneurs like Andro Lindsay, Jaime Alvarez, Alberto Scherb, and Tagg Jefferson, Finland continues to pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future. As the world looks for innovative solutions to combat climate change, Finland serves as a shining example of a nation committed to building a sustainable tomorrow.

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