12 striking smart energy startups from Helsinki

Smart energy startups in Helsinki leap to tackle climate change and to secure a slice of the $2 trillion annual global investments made in Helsinki.

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Finland is a northern country, dark and iced over in the winter; and in the summer, warm and sunny through both day and night. To balance the extremes, the country needs energy and electricity; and to conserve the treasured environment both locally and globally, the climate conscious society envisions, builds and adopts smart energy solutions. And not only for themselves – the energy sector makes up a significant portion of Finland’s exports, after all.

Today, the startups in Helsinki draw from a long history of technological excellence and forward-looking energy policies.  Those just starting are supported by the experienced ones – the largest energy ecosystem in Northern Europe. Through collaboration and co-development, smart energy companies, public organisations and research institutions create new solutions for smart grids, energy storage, renewable energy, and energy-efficient buildings, for a future where winters remain cold and snowy.

Read on to learn more about some of the brightest of these startups!

12 striking smart energy startups from Helsinki

BroadBit Batteries is a technology company developing revolutionary new batteries using novel sodium-based chemistries to power the future green economy.

Convion is a leading fuel cell system developer commercializing solid oxide fuel cell systems for distributed power generation in industrial and commercial applications. Our products are designed for premium energy efficiency, reliability and operational flexibility. Convion provides its customers with sustainable power generation solutions for power security, energy independence and unparalleled fuel economy.

Finno Exergy‘s innovation is based on using pulsed deflagration combustion compatible with existing technology, which has yielded significant results. The technology team have successfully harnessed concepts prevalent in ICE combustion and applied them to gas turbines. Effectively the technology is able to harness 80% of the benefits without any of the drawbacks associated with pulse detonation.

Fourdeg is a service company for heating optimization. Service improves indoor comfort and saves in heating costs. It works automatically at room-level accuracy in any size of old and new building with water-circulating radiators, including commercial, public and residential premises.

Geyser Batteries Oy develops and manufactures novel high-power ultra-durable batteries capable of withstanding millions of cycles of ultra-fast (seconds) charge and discharge. This novel type of batteries is environmentally safe in production, use and disposal, and requires zero maintenance. It is fire-safe and works even at -60C. Geyser Batteries products are ideally suited for all applications where fast and efficient charging is critical, as well as the tasks where reliability and safety are your prime concerns.

Kapacity.io provides a demand response service to reduce energy costs and emissions for the real estate sector. We are on a mission to create sustainable buildings for a 100% renewable society. The service controls electricity demand in buildings according to renewable electricity production, reducing the CO2-emissions of the building. The real estate sector is responsible for approximately 30% of global CO2-emissions. Finding scalable and fast solutions for decarbonising the sector is vital in the fight against climate change.

Nuuka Looking for ways to turn your building portfolio into healthy, sustainable, and remotely controlled buildings? Welcome to Nuuka Solutions who help you turn your building data into useful and actionable insights.

SpinDrive addresses 24 BEUR special bearing market problem. SpinDrive increases the energy efficiency of the industrial processes by at least 10% by providing active magnetic bearings for manufacturers. SpinDrive system is completely maintenance-free, which reduces the overall equipment maintenance costs by 80%. We eliminate the need for oil lubrication, which provides manufacturers an opportunity to enter new markets. Our built-in sensors enable condition monitoring from day 1.

Tanktwo is a Finnish–American startup dedicated to drastically improving EV performance through the application of established principles from other industries within battery technology. Here at Tanktwo, we draw inspiration from mobile networks, internet routing protocols, and consumer electronics industries, and utilise data-driven methods in ensuring that our batteries perform at a significantly higher level of efficiency. Despite decades of billion-dollar investments in the development of improved battery technology, EV drivers and engineers alike are far from satisfied with current battery performance. Rather than attempt to force breakthroughs in electrochemistry, Tanktwo searches for inspiration and innovative solutions in seemingly unrelated industries.

Teraloop is a grid-scale energy storage system that can sustainably service niche markets difficult to address for current technologies. Our system operates in synergy with renewable generation assets, balancing the natural variation of supply and demand. By enabling a fully renewable electricity generation system, it can safeguard the World’s resources for future generations.

Virta offers a complete turnkey solution for managing electric vehicle charging services of any scale. Our future-proof solutions enable professional charging networks to offer a world-class end user experience to their customers. We also help real estates and other businesses stand out by providing them with a comprehensive EV charging service package.

Did you know that 87% of energy consumed in Finland is carbon-free, and 54% is renewable?

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