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Find opportunities for growth, collaboration, and innovation in Helsinki, a global hub for quantum technologies.

Aker Arctic is running a third generation testing facility. Model testing in ice is a cost-efficient tool to develop ship projects, offshore oil and gas related projects, port solutions, and for the verification of ships ice performance.
Aker Arctic is running a third generation testing facility. Model testing in ice is a cost-efficient tool to develop ship projects, offshore oil and gas related projects, port solutions, and for the verification of ships ice performance.

Helsinki the home of cutting-edge quantum technology

Industry overview

The innovative city of Helsinki, Finland, is rapidly becoming a global hub for quantum technology. Driven by a rich history of research and a collaborative ecosystem, Helsinki offers companies the opportunity to expand their operations and revolutionise industries from energy sustainability to healthcare. Paired with a low hierarchy, smooth digital services, and some of the best English speakers in the world expanding into Helsinki is easy.

Finland’s commitment to quantum technology spans decades, as evidenced by its continuous rise in global innovation rankings and impressive research & development (R&D) investments. This dedication has established Finland as a global leader in digitalisation, laying the foundation for its success in the emerging field of quantum technology.

What is quantum technology

In simple terms, quantum technology harnesses the principles of quantum mechanics to create revolutionary advancements in various fields. Unlike classical computers, which utilize bits (0s and 1s), quantum computers leverage qubits, existing in a superposition of both states at the same time. This unique property allows quantum computers to perform specific calculations exponentially faster than classical computers, opening doors to ground-breaking possibilities.

Applications of quantum technology

The potential applications of quantum technology have yet to be fully understood but include:

  • Energy: Optimising renewable energy sources, developing next-generation materials for efficient batteries, and accelerating drug discovery for sustainable solutions.
  • Finance: Enhancing risk management, detecting fraud with superior accuracy, and creating advanced financial modeling tools.
  • Logistics: Streamlining supply chains, improving efficiency in autonomous transportation, and optimizing logistics networks

Computing: Ushering in a new era of artificial intelligence and machine learning, revolutionising data analysis, and potentially leading to advancements in cryptography.

Market growth potential of quantum technology

The global quantum computing market size was valued at around USD 457.9 million in 2021 and is predicted to reach around USD 5274.9 million by 2030 while growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of roughly 31.21% between 2022 and 2030. This reflects the sectors rapid growth and immense potential.

Current challenges of quantum technology

While the potential of quantum technology is undeniable, challenges like technological hurdles, high development costs, and talent shortages still exist. However, ongoing research and development, coupled with the collaborative ecosystem in Helsinki, offer a promising path forward.

Financial support for quantum technology in Helsinki

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Finland ranks number in in the EU for digital skills, providing a readily available talent pool for the quantum sector


The number of quantum computers in Finland


Of Finland’s GDP is spent on R&D

Helsinki presents a compelling opportunity for quantum companies seeking to expand their operations and solidify their position in the growing quantum landscape. The city boasts a thriving ecosystem that excels in crucial areas like cryogenic and microelectronics & semiconductors, creating an attractive environment for quantum technology expansion.

Why Helsinki for quantum computing technology

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Advanced infrastructure for R&D & Innovation (RDI)

Finland provides researchers with one of the most powerful hybrid HPC+nQC resources in the world, the largest cleanroom facilities in the Nordics and a world leading laboratory for low temperature physics.​ Helsinki offers a comprehensive Quantum supply chain with R&D, production, and a wide range of products and services, from cryogenic systems to complete quantum computers, supported by a growing start-up ecosystem.​

Three people standing and talking at a co-working space in Helsinki

Highly skilled quantum workforce

A highly skilled quantum workforce is at the core of a well-connected quantum community. This community is part of a broader, tightly integrated European network. Relative to its size Finland has a large pool of expert talent with over 234,000 ICT professionals (that’s a lot for a nation of only 5.5 million people!).

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Strong global leadership in Quantum Technology

Finland specialises in quantum hardware​, radio-frequency electronics​, ultra-low temperature physics​. Finnish institutions like VTT and InstituteQ are at the forefront of quantum hardware, software development, and fundamental research. This strong foundation establishes Helsinki as a prime location for companies seeking to innovate in the quantum space and Helsinki Partners can get you inside access to the ecosystem.

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Streamlined Bureaucracy

Navigating research projects and business operations in Helsinki is made easier by the country’s flat hierarchical structures and efficient bureaucracy. This streamlined approach minimises administrative hurdles, allowing companies to focus their resources on innovation and growth.

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High English Proficiency

Helsinki excels in public-private partnerships, enhancing its foodtech landscape. These collaborations combine government support and private sector innovation, fostering rapid development and sustainability in food technology. This effective model promotes scalable solutions and positions Helsinki as a global leader in foodtech collaboration.

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Globally connected

Helsinki boasts a strategic location in Northern Europe, offering direct flights to major business centres worldwide and excellent transportation & logistics infrastructure. As a member of the EU and NATO, Finland provides access to a vast market and fosters strong international cooperation.

Success stories from Helsinki

Bluefors worker standing next to a quantum computer


A global leader in ultra-low temperature cooling systems (search term), Bluefors provides cryogenic solutions (search term) essential for the operation of quantum computers. Their dry dilution refrigerators (search term) are crucial components enabling research and development in the field. With 600+ employees and 160 million in Euro, Bluefors has already delivered more than 1100 dilution refrigerators since 2008.

Automation workflow from QuantrolOX


Focusing on quantum control solutions, QuantrolOX develops hardware and software tools to optimise and improve the performance of quantum computers. We will need millions of physical qubits to be in a constant state of tune to build practical quantum computers.

Picture of the SemiQon Team Himadri Majumdar CEO, Mika Prunnila Chief Research Officer, Janne Lehtinen Chief Science Officer, and Markku Kainlauri Lead Fabrication


This company specialises developing silicon-based quantum processors to make future quantum computers more affordable, scalable, and sustainable.

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