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Experience Helsinki the way the locals do.

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Helsinki Partners was founded so that the best opportunities, connections and information can easily be found. Each year we present Helsinki to hundreds of international media representatives, influencers and TV and film groups.

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Media visits to Helsinki

Do you want to experience Helsinki and learn more about our city? You’re most warmly welcome. We’re happy to provide you with a detailed programme, information about new and interesting phenomena as well as useful contacts. All of our media visits are arranged using sustainable guidelines. We want to let you experience Helsinki the way the locals do. 

Standing in the huge underground tunnel that is the Helsinki airport tain station, a woman wearing a long blue coat stands at the platform waiting for her train into Helsinki. On the left are the train tracks and on the right are the lifts and escalators to the airport.
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Coming to Helsinki?

If you are interested in coming to Helsinki on a media visit or need some information, interviews or contacts regarding an upcoming Helsinki story, get in touch with us. We’ll make sure to get back to you within a few working days.

Two people are scrubbing rugs at the mattolaituri on the edge of Kaivopuisto, the boats and shoreline of Merisatama in the distance.
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Thinking about sustainability?

Media visits are arranged using sustainable guidelines. This means we use mainly public transportation, prefer companies that are in the Think Sustainably service, and we compensate the carbon footprint from our guests’ flights.

A view from the the frozen water looking towards land and Cafe Regatta in winter. Everything is covered by a light dusting of snow, a boat is sitting in the ice in the bottom left of the photo, and the trees of Sibelius Park cover the horizon in the background. People are queuing to get into the cafe.
© Alex Bao 超级小包子

Visiting Finland?

Media visits are often carried out together with different partners. If you are interested in visiting other areas besides Helsinki on your trip, please get in touch with our partner Visit Finland first. This website also has a good info package about traveling to Finland during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Influence Sustainably

Helsinki is committed to promoting a more sustainable way of life for everyone. Our collaboration with influencers covers areas of sustainability that especially concerns travel preferences, food, social responsibility, local culture and experiences. To serve this purpose, we have created and launched an operating model, called Influence Sustainably.   

If you’re interested in collaboration with us, get in touch.

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Images, videos, data and press releases about Helsinki

The Helsinki Material Bank offers high quality images, raw video material, press releases, statistics and brochures about Helsinki. No log-in is required, so you can download and share content in articles and on social media, immediately and with ease.

We have already created a series of image collections for you. Find them at the following links:

If you’re looking for our latest press releases, you can find them here.

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Filming in Helsinki

Media representatives can film in public places and events for editorial purposes without a permit. However, please be prepared to give more information regarding your filming in case someone asks. If you are filming people in a way they can be identified, please ask for their consent. 

If filming in public spaces restricts the movement of others or requires traffic arrangements, notification must be given to the police. In addition, permission is required from the landowner or property holder. 

Drones are permitted in many areas, though there are important restrictions to be aware of. More information on these can be found on the Droneinfo website

Kuvatoimisto Kuvio Oy

Explore the thriving ecosystem

Helsinki is one of the world’s best business environments. It’s stable, functional, and innovative. Explore the ecosystem and get to know some of the international companies who have made Helsinki their home.

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Get inspired by Helsinki

You can get inspired by Helsinki online at, where the locals share their stories and secrets about the city and its services from restaurants and events, through to activities and sights.

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Contact info

If you are interested in coming to Helsinki for a media visit or you require information, interviews or contacts regarding an upcoming Helsinki story – please contact us via the form below. We’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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