Helsinki Exposed


The great job reveal – these employers have their eyes set on you.

Aalto University

Assistant Professor in Semiconductor Sensors

Aalto University is where science and art meet technology and business, to solve the challenges our planet is facing and to spark the game changers of tomorrow. Here’s something you probably didn’t know about Aalto: students participated in shaping the university’s new strategy.


Senior Backend Engineer – Python

Aiven provides managed open source data technologies on all major clouds. They believe in working hard to create simple solutions for complex problems, automate everything and hire the best people. The secret of their success: bringing together like-minded but diverse people from around the world.


Senior Software Developer

Futurice brings together strategy, design, engineering and data to help organizations develop resilience and take control of their futures. Globally oriented, Finland-based and known for its remarkably inclusive, international working culture. Their secret: they have built diversity, equity and inclusion into the company strategy.


Senior Embedded Software Engineer

ICEYE is a new New Space company with employees from more than 41 countries. They own the world’s largest constellation of synthetic-aperture radar satellites that acquire images of Earth at any time – even when it’s cloudy or dark – providing partners with an unmatched ability to make better-informed, data-driven decisions.


Creative Copywriter

A gaming company where players are the closest thing to a boss. Metacore is one of Europe’s fastest-growing mobile game companies. They are best known for their hit game Merge Mansion featuring the mysterious Grandma Ursula and – most importantly – for their people-first culture. We don’t know Grandma Ursula’s age, let alone her birthday, but employees can always celebrate their birthdays at Metacore with a paid day off!

Senior Backend Engineer helps brands unlock greater performance and creativity in digital advertising with their platform. The team, representing 60+ nationalities, offers growth-minded people a collaborative and inclusive working environment built on a culture of trust, transparency and feedback. Something they don’t talk about enough: their own animated animal characters that illustrate their shared values.

University of Helsinki

Associate Professor – Professor of Translational Medicine

Rooted in Finland, but working for the world: UH is an innovative center of science and learning, ranking among the top 0,5 % of the world’s research universities. They value inclusivity and equality. About 50 % of their assistant & associate professors are women.


Research Team Leader – Remote Sensing

One of Europe’s leading research institutions is united by curiosity, a passion for continuous learning and a purpose: VTT solves the biggest challenges our planet is facing and turns them into sustainable growth and collective wellbeing. Did you know VTT has it’s own startup incubator that aims to expand the strategic impact of renewing society and industry through the creation of science-based startups?


Let’s face it – you probably don’t know much about Helsinki, Finland’s cool-headed capital by the sea. You’re in luck, though, as we’re about to expose some of Helsinki’s most unique, wonderful perks… spread the word, will you?

Expose the secrets of Helsinki

Dozens of cutting-edge companies call Helsinki home. Stay curious – you might end up doing something you didn’t even know existed. Prepare for giant leaps in your career!

You’re hired – and in great company

© Karoliina Bärlund

We’re generally not big on suits, ties or other fine formalities at work. In Helsinki, you can count on coming as you are.

When it comes to work culture, we’re flat (inside) out

© Jussi Hellsten

In Helsinki, you can indeed have it all. There’s time to enjoy all of the above while still reaching new heights with your career – even the busiest bees take time to smell the flowers. According to a recent study, Helsinki is the third best city for work-life balance globally.

Work-life balance? Here, it’s no juggle

© Aleksi Poutanen

In Helsinki, it can be about both the journey and the destination. In a city of leafy bike paths, serene walkways, and a smooth public transport system, morning commutes can genuinely be the quality time of the day.

Stress-free morning commutes

© Aleksi Poutanen

Helsinki breathes the salty air of the Baltic sea. In a city built along a chain of islands and peninsulas, the opportunity to take a dip – or take the trail less traveled – is never far. One third of Helsinki consists of urban greenery.

A stone’s throw away from nature

© Miikka Pirinen

Cozy nights at home are great, but going out to experience a city’s worth of creativity is even better. From visual arts to music and from highbrow to lowbrow, Helsinki is home to a lively cultural scene.

A city that keeps you on the move

© Jussi Hellsten

Oddball architecture, nightless summer nights and icy water swims of the winter, urban sauna culture and a restaurant scene on the wild side of food. Just a few examples of things that give Helsinki its strange charm.

Embrace the wonderful Nordic quirks

Amos Rex - Lasipalatsin aukio
© Mika Huisman

Family-friendly, flexible work practices, top-performing schools, plenty of paid holidays, and a safe, equal, and inclusive society. In short, Helsinki works wonders for both you and your family.

Helsinki works for the whole family

© Julia Kivelä