90 Day Finns 2022

Get to know our 90 Day Finn participants, part of the 2022 programme! They will all be in Helsinki from the beginning of August until end of October, but we secretly hope to make them fall in lov

A collage with all the profiles (faces) of the participants of the 2022 90 Day Finns. In the image there are 8 men and 6 women.
A collage with all the profiles (faces) of the participants of the 2022 90 Day Finns. In the image there are 8 men and 6 women.

Meet the 90 day Finns

Get to know our 90 Day Finn participants, part of the 2022 programme! They will all be in Helsinki from the beginning of August until end of October, but we secretly hope to make them fall in love with our vibrant city and stay longer!

By day, they are taking part in various business events, meeting the Helsinki ecosystem companies and organisations. In the evenings, they are going to enjoy the benefits of a work-life balance culture we’ve grown in Finland! Follow their journey on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with #90DayFinn.

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Want to become a 90 Day Finn?

We’ll begin planning our next official batch this fall. But don’t wait for us: feel free to come to Finland for as long as your visa allows and take advantage of Helsinki’s open and welcoming tech scene. Check our services for international entrepreneurs and investors!

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Catherine Lückhoff

South Africa

Catherine is a curious mind and an innovator, with a great passion for people and creating future-proof solutions. Along many other companies, she co-founded 20fifty, which specialises in modern application development and serverless cloud computing.

Chi Hwa (George) Tang


George is the founder of Thought/Form Labs, an Artificial Intelligence R&D lab and consulting company, specialising in capturing, transferring, and scaling business institutional knowledge via learning systems.

Colin Brown


Colin is an experienced entrepreneur, who founded companies in 17 countries, but also an investor. Colin started his career as a professional sports coach, training athletes into the Olympic Rowing Team. Currently, he is helping founders to achieve $100M ARR as quick as possible with his company, Capability Brown.

Damon Hernandez


Damon works in many areas of the Web 3D & XR industries as a designer, developer, advisor, speaker, entrepreneur, and executive. He is passionate about the 3D web’s convergence with other technologies including IoT, GIS, CAD/BIM/CAM, AR/VR, mobile. Additionally, he advises a variety of entities that use these technologies for enterprise focused applications.

Debbie Lai

USA / Taiwan

Debbie is the CEO of Act Now Coalition,  non-profit startup building open-source data products addressing today’s urgent problems including COVID and climate change. Previously, she worked on Google’s global policy and business teams. She’s been itinerant since 2017 and enjoys fiction, hot tea, cold forests, and self-deprecating humour. 

Dominique Moralez

Hong Kong

Dominique and his wife, Tanya began their co-founders journey because they wanted to spend the entire first year of their daughter’s life with her at home. Two babies and three successful companies later, their time is spent balancing between their heartfelt commitment to both their family and professional growth.

Holda Crocker


Holda is International Sales Engineer at Orenco Water, which has as objective through protect the world’s water resources with a particular interest in solving wastewater issues for small or peripheral communities.

Isaac Inkumsah

USA / Ghana

Isaac was born in Accra, Ghana but currently lives in the Washington DC area from where he is managing his business. Isaac is an entrepreneur who creates opportunities by helping clients to grow and scale their businesses using smart technology tools and resources.

Maya Markovich


Maya is a multidimensional innovation leader with roots in legal, behavioural science, VC, change management, and tech industries. She’s coming straight from Silicon Valley, California to Finland to experience the Helsinki business ecosystem as a 90 Day Finn.

Peter Thum


Peter is a serial entrepreneur with an outstanding international business experience. Tree is his most recent venture and is literally reinventing the way that people will use the web. Tree offers the best link in bio solution available; makes public and private group collaboration easy & productive, and; makes web page creation easy and social with a no-code solution. So anyone can be a creator and make a living doing it.

Roberta Gilardi


Roberta is the co-founder and the CEO of G2 Startups and G-Gravity. G2 Startups is a startup and business accelerator based in Milan, active since 2012. G-Gravity is a hybrid innovation hub and an open innovation platform based in Milan and created for companies and startups, focusing on health and sustainability.

Steve Havas


Steve is an entrepreneur and investor focused on helping enterprises, non-profits or startups scale and transform operations. His current focus is helping organisations invigorate short term plans with inspirational, clear, achievable long range direction and ensuring strong team alignment. Steve believes companies can win commercially, while not compromising on being a good global citizen.

Shwetank Verma


Shwetank joined the 90 Day Finn programme to explore the Finnish startup ecosystem and find potential investment opportunities and build brides between the Finnish, Indian and Singaporean startup ecosystems. Shwetank is the co-founder of Leo Capital, an early stage venture capital fund. Leo Capital is backed by institutional investors from Singapore and Silicon Valley.

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