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A man is sitting and reading in a designer chair inside a large and spacious room of the Aalto studio.
A man is sitting and reading in a designer chair inside a large and spacious room of the Aalto studio.

Invest in Helsinki

We offer international investors access to deal flow from both the thriving Helsinki startup ecosystem as well as the whole of Finland. Contact us and let’s get started!

Jussi Hellsten
Jussi Hellsten

Get personalised deal flow from Helsinki and Finland – our tailored services are free for all international investors.

What we offer?

We provide free tailored services for each investment stage. No matter if you are an early-stage investor, a VC, a CVC or a financial institution, we are ready to help you succeed.

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Personalised deal flow

We constantly add interesting growth companies to our deal flow tool. Get in touch with us today for a quick chat on your investment focus, and we’ll provide you with a curated list of potential investment opportunities and connect you with the founders.

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Introductions into key sectors

In Helsinki we’re seeing an explosion of companies in e.g. Deep Tech, SaaS, Fintech, Smart Mobility, Gaming, and in the Consumer sectors. We’re happy to introduce you to the most interesting people in your investment focus as well as help you navigate the Finnish ecosystem.

Why Helsinki?

Helsinki has an extremely well-functioning business environment; it boasts one of the world’s most talented workforces and has impressive figures to show on investments made in R&D. A characteristic feature of Helsinki is to develop solutions in cooperation with businesses, research institutions and citizens. Are you still wondering why the capital of the happiest country in the world is the place to be? Read the top 5 reasons below, why you should invest in Helsinki and Finland. And if you’re looking for more reasons why Helsinki is the place for you, we’ll gladly share more with you here.

1. A booming startup ecosystem

According to, the startup ecosystem has tripled in value since 2015, which makes Helsinki a strong competitor for other global hubs when it comes to VC investment growth and VC per capita. Finland is also attracting the most VC funding in Europe in relation to GDP. Unicorns like SupercellWolt and Aiven are currently dominating the startup value, but other smaller companies are catching up fast.

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2. Innovation driven and economically successful environment

Finland has been the biggest contributor to global innovation in the world since the SMS times, bringing applications such as the Heart Rate Monitor, the Linux operating system, Clash of Clans, and Angry Birds to the world. Sharing knowledge between public institutions, businesses and universities is the key factor in Finland’s innovation and economic success. In addition, the World Economic Forum’s ‘The Europe 2020 Competitiveness Index’ places Finland as the most competitive country in Europe.

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3. Strong nurturing system for startups

Besides the generous government funding program, Finland-based startups benefit also from cost-free coaching provided by organisations such as NewCo Helsinki. In addition to this, there’s also continuous support from several publicly and privately funded incubators and accelerators as well as support from nurturing communities such as Maria 01. Additionally, Helsinki is the home of Slush – the largest single gathering of venture capital in Europe with over 1,500 investors as well as fellow entrepreneurs and potential clients.

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4. Safe, stable and functional environment

Finland is economically and politically stable and predictable. In fact, Finland has kept its position as the world’s most peaceful and stable country for almost a decade (Fragile States Index 2020). Finland also ranks as the world’s third least corrupt country (Corruption Perceptions Index 2019). Helsinki may be surprising, but it is never unpredictable. Society here is cohesive and inclusive. It is developed together, and no one is left out.

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5. Gateway between East and West

Helsinki is a gateway to other EU markets and the rest of the world. The location of the Finnish capital is strategically optimal as part of the Nordic region that borders Russia, is close to the Baltic markets and offers 8-hour flights to both Beijing and New York. Frequent direct flights all around the world ensure that you stay connected with each location of your company. 

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Read about our customers’ experiences in Helsinki

Explore the thriving business ecosystem and get to know some of the international companies who have made Helsinki their home.

Vesa Laitinen

A word from a customer

People can come up with great innovative ideas or concepts everywhere in the world. But they need a lot of support. They need to get the seed money. They need to find a partner and other co-founders. They need to have a mentor. That’s why I mean developing on ecosystem is really critical for the startup. But in Helsinki, you have everything from my perspective.”

Tomosaku Sohara

Managing Partner at Nordic Ninja

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