Smart Energy in Helsinki

Helsinki is home to a vibrant smart energy ecosystem leveraging cutting-edge technology and collaborating with government agencies and academic institutions to create a more sustainable energy fu

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Smart Energy Opportunities in Helsinki

Helsinki is home to a vibrant smart energy ecosystem leveraging cutting-edge technology and collaborating with government agencies and academic institutions to create a more sustainable energy future.

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Smart Energy opportunities in Helsinki

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, offers lucrative possibilities for companies to develop and sell smart energy solutions in a dynamic and open ecosystem. The most notable areas are smart grids, virtual power plants, energy-efficient buildings, and energy storage.

Energy efficiency and the goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2035 have guided Helsinki and Finland to adopt and develop progressive energy solutions such as smart meters, district heating, and distributed energy production relying heavily on renewables. In Helsinki, innovation activities draw on the world-renowned technical experience in 5G, AI, and IoT. Moreover, RDI and sales benefit from the liberal energy legislation, funding programs, public testbeds, and the progressive strategy on clean energy and efficient ICT infrastructure.

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Helsinki advantage

Smart energy opportunities

Helsinki is at the forefront of smart energy solutions, with a range of opportunities for sustainable and efficient energy use. The city has set a goal to be carbon neutral by 2035, and is implementing various initiatives to achieve this target.

Emerging opportunities

Green hydrogen

In Finland, hydrogen is used for energy storage, transportation, and synthetic fuels.

Unlike some countries, Finland produces hydrogen using renewable energy, benefiting from ample water reservoirs, a robust transmission grid, a stable regulation framework, and industrial expertise.

Finnish efforts are focused on developing new hydrogen solutions to address cost-effective decarbonization, low-emission steel production, and reduced industry logistics costs.

Wind power

Renewable energy is replacing coal and other fossil fuels, in turn creating a strong demand and profitable market for wind energy solutions.

The wind power capacity in Finland holds great expansion potential.

Besides increasing the availability of clean energy, additional construction of wind power could provide balancing power to the national grid and protect the grid from major fluctuations.

See the wind power map by the Finnish Wind Power Association for ongoing and planned projects.

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The energy system in Finland

Energy production is Finland is based on the target to reach carbon neutrality by 2035. In 2020, already 51% of electricity generated in Finland came from renewable resources, and CO2 neutral electricity amounted to 85%. Domestically, Finland is able to generate 55% of the used electricity. Hydropower is imported from the Nordic market to complement the national supply.

The Finnish production palette has been designed diverse and balanced to ensure electricity supply security and flexibility. Both the production and the use of energy have to be flexible because an increasing share of electricity is produced by weather-dependent solar and wind power. Utilizing the data collected by smart meters, an intelligent and flexible energy system adjusts production and consumption as needed, and production can be continuously developed to improve efficiency.

Electricity generation in Finland 2020
Source: Finnish Energy

Test your energy solutions in Helsinki

In the Helsinki metropolitan area, companies and researchers can leverage public testbeds in their smart city-related R&D&I activities: Smart OtaniemiKalasatama, and Jätkäsaari. For their pilots, companies partner up with other organizations, citizens, and end users to produce valid and accurate data of their product. Find all open calls via Testbed.Helsinki or reach out our business advisors for assistance!

Take also advantage of Helsinki Region Infoshare, an open data service maintained by the Helsinki Region, and digital tools such as this 3D Energy and Climate Atlas of Helsinki.

Moreover, in Finland, the national energy ecosystem collaborates closely. The largest energy cluster in Europe extends from Helsinki to the cities of LahtiVaasa, and Kotka, and the Northern Savo region.

1. Otaniemi

Smart Otaniemi is a living lab developing smart energy systems. The university campus combines pilots for smart energy, buildings, mobility, and energy storage. Visit

2. Jätkänsaari

Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab enables tests and pilots in an urban environment and operation with a strong network of partners. Jätkäsaari is a new and growing housing district near central Helsinki. Visit

3. Kalasatama

Smart Kalasatama is a vivid Smart City experimental innovation platform. The area is developed flexibly through pilot projects of smart and clean urban infrastructure and services. Visit

4. Pasila

Pasila is a transportation hub and thereby an excellent future location for new jobs and residents. Moreover, Pasila will be a key district for further office construction in the upcoming years.

5. Bioruukki

Bioruukki is a unique piloting and scaling place for energy, bio and circular economy. Visit Bioruukki pilot centre.

The Smart Energy ecosystem in Helsinki

The energy ecosystem in Helsinki is open and connected both within the region and nationally, and the value chains are mature. Below, we’ve listed some interesting projects.


Electricity distribution

Research & Development & Innovation

Government and city, regulators

Technology companies


Service providers

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