Work in Helsinki

Work in Helsinki

Our goal at Helsinki Partners is to help international talent find their perfect career in Helsinki, Europe’s most inspiring location for innovative people, startups and ecosystems. Join us if you’re someone who wants to lead the future.

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In Helsinki, you can create a life that looks like you without compromising.

Why Helsinki?

Helsinki has lots to offer, from a high standard of living due to its highly functional society, easy access to nature and freedom to enjoy life beyond work. All of these and more exist in a thriving and innovative business ecosystem which will allow you to grow in your career and develop your skills. Finns know that life is more than work, which is why a healthy work-life balance is especially important to them. Read the top 5 reasons below, why Helsinki is the perfect place for you to live and work. And if you’re interested in more reasons why Helsinki might be for you, we have you covered.

1. Everyday life is smooth and work-life balance is a priority

In Helsinki, you don’t need to choose between your career and the freedom to enjoy life. Working culture is based on trust, and the city works for you to offer a stress-free lifestyle.

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2. People can trust each other in Helsinki

Finnish society is among the safest in the world, and the capital city is a place where everyone from the president to a celebrity feels comfortable walking through the streets alongside other citizens. You can find them at your local grocery store, park, or out for a jog with the dog. Helsinki is the kind of city in which people can move freely, without concern.

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3. Helsinki is a can-do city

Our city strives to contribute to the world. If you’re interested in furthering your own career or exploring a new field, Helsinki is the perfect place for you. It’ll challenge your interests and facilitate your development. Get out there, become a part of something great, or create a new business and use Helsinki as a testbed for experimentation.

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4. Helsinki fosters entrepreneurial courage

An entrepreneur needs a good idea, perseverance and an encouraging atmosphere, along with safety networks that can provide them extra support when needed. You can find growth companies here because the local ecosystem is so strong. 

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5. Everyone is equal in Helsinki

Finland is among the most gender equal societies in the world, and in Helsinki, we believe in equal opportunities for everyone. Your basic rights will always be taken care of, leaving you to pursue your dreams. Helsinki’s lasting legacy is to be an equal, non-discriminatory city for all citizens.

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Guiding you through Helsinki

We want to provide you with the information you crave when considering making Helsinki your next home.

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Working and settling in Helsinki

For working and settling in Helsinki, International House Helsinki provides a wide range of information and public authority services to meet the needs of people like you. IHH also offers free advisory and counselling services to employers on issues related to the international workforce.

New to Helsinki?

Your entry package for settling in Helsinki.

Tech jobs

Find jobs at some of the most exciting companies in the area.

A complete guide to life in Helsinki

Plenty of useful information about living in Helsinki.

Local stories

Get inspired by stories of people that have already chosen Helsinki as their home.

Support for entrepreneurs

Find out about entrepreneurial support.

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Our best tips to help you further

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Living and working in Finland

For general info about living and working in Finland, Business Finland offers comprehensive information and further resources that you can explore.

Moving to and working in Finland

InfoFinland offers a very detailed guide on which steps to take and what things to consider when planning to relocate to Finland.

Residence and working permits

If you intend to work in Finland, you might need a residence permit based on your employment status, granted by the state of Finland. Check the information on receiving a working permit from the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri).

Did you know? is your best local guide to Helsinki. From info about different neighborhoods to the best vegan restaurants and from sporting events to top ice swimming spots. Find everything you need to know here.

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