Standing inside an open office space with a red brick wall behind them, a man and a woman stand talking whilst looking and pointing at a laptop the man is holding.
Standing inside an open office space with a red brick wall behind them, a man and a woman stand talking whilst looking and pointing at a laptop the man is holding.

The future of health is made in Helsinki

When top-tier health and life sciences meet world-renown tech, the future of health is bound to arrive faster. Helsinki is the Northern European hub for life science and health tech innovations, business development and collaboration.

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Why look at health business opportunities in Helsinki?

The future of health is digital, personalized and preventive. To bring that about is no one man task. Helsinki hosts a supporting government750 health & life sciences companies, one of the largest health care organizations in Western Countries Helsinki University Hospital, two world-class universities and a vast talent pool of health and tech professionals. Helsinki also operates as one of the world’s best testbeds for clinical testing and proof of concepts.

Be your interest wherever in the health & life sciences ecosystem, our team of health business experts are dedicated to help you find your mix in Helsinki. From top R&D possibilities, product development opportunities, unique piloting platforms, global expansion, university & research collaboration, funding, talent and partners – we’ll help you tap into the Helsinki region health ecosystem.

Did you know?

The HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference, the annual digital health conference will gather people from hospital CEOs to innovative SMEs and start-ups from all over Europe and overseas to Finland. The conference showcases the cutting edge and innovative solutions from up-and coming startups which will shape the future.

Health strengths of the Helsinki region

Top research location with two world-class universities: University of Helsinki and Aalto University

Helsinki University Hospital has the biggest data pool in Europe for research uses

100% population penetration in electronic health records (EHR)

The most advanced testbed in the world

Government support via driving digitalisation, enabling legislation, deregulation and public funding

Unique legislation being the first in the world allowing the secondary testing of health information according to the European GDPR.

High-quality yet affordable talent pool of engineers creating interoperable software and hardware solutions

Finnish healthtech exports are worth 2.2 billion euros and growing


In Helsinki, co-operation is built on trust – universities, public research institutes, companies, government and the public are highly engaged and willing to participate in building the future of health in Helsinki.

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