Helsinki, the Nordic fintech hub fuelling innovation. Benefit from a dynamic digital ecosystem, strong cyber security, and frameworks in open source, data, and API. Explore piloting opportunities

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Fintech Innovation in Helsinki

Discover Helsinki, the Nordic fintech hub fueling innovation. Benefit from a dynamic digital ecosystem, strong cyber security, and frameworks in open source, data, and API. Explore piloting opportunities and tap into the digitally-savvy Nordic population.

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The fintech sector in Finland is developing fast – will you join in and take advantage of the momentum?

Why look at fintech in Helsinki?

Finland is the place to be in all things digital. It’s got everything your company needs to develop the next big innovation for the global fintech market. Investors, on the other hand, will find exciting deal opportunities in the multitude of inventions.

The framework for tech innovations in Helsinki builds on the foundations of ICT & mobile technology. Fresh outlooks, on the other hand, flow in the vibrant startup scene. Fintech companies benefit especially from the steady business environment, extensive mobile device know-how, Europe’s strongest cyber security cluster, and frameworks in open source, data and API. Moreover, finding piloting opportunities and customers is easy in a country of digital-savvy population and where the public sector actively collaborates in testing out novel innovations.

Newcomers will not be left alone. We at Helsinki Partners actively participate in developing the fintech sector, and we help international companies and investors find the best business opportunities in Helsinki. Leave us a message, and we can start discussing your needs for funding, talent, partnerships, and R&D opportunities. All our services are free of charge.

Within fintech, we’re especially focused on

Overview of the fintech ecosystem

The strong sectors in Finland include financing, payments, data and analytics, financial software, blockchain, API’s and platforms, security and compliance, insurtech, cryptocurrencies, investing, wealth management, customer service and acquisition.

Key success factors

1. Fintech landscape

A critical mass of companies with strong and complementary capabilities. The stronger the community, the more attractive it is for newcomers.

2. Access to capital

Capital is available at every stage of a company, be it establishing a businesses or fueling its growth: grants; seed, venture and growth capital; buyouts; and loans.

3. Access to talent

Companies have access to academia, research institutions, and highly-skilled workforce with expertise in e.g. technology, commerce, industry, regulation, and business transformation

4. Collaboration: Fintech industry

Fintech companies actively collaborate to drive and discuss topics essential to the industry, such as networking, branding, communication, business development support, and promotion of industry interests.

5. Collaboration: Business partners

Industry incumbents in fintech and BigTech collaborate with end-users to drive commercialization.

6. Regulatory environment

A competitive regulatory framework has been set in the industry. The supportive and proactive regulator reduces the commercial risk, decreases time to market, and promotes investments.

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