Valentino Valkaj

Helsinki–Singapore Dialogue Series:
The Power of Human–Robot Collaboration


Wednesday 15 June
9:00 EEST

14:00 SGT

Helsinki–Singapore Dialogue Series is back with a new Smart City-related topic!

In the first part of the series, Helsinki-Singapore Dialogue Series on Innovative Smart City Opportunities, we explored practical opportunities for both Finnish and Singaporean businesses.

Part two, on the other hand, will highlight recent successes in a specific field: robotics and automation. Human-robot collaboration empowers societies to create new solutions, brings value to production chains, and allows human workers to focus on the meaningful tasks.

At this event, expect to learn about

  • the evolution of industry towards autonomy and its aspects regarding technology, geopolitics and future of work
  • a collaboration between Singaporean and Finnish companies to create innovations that advance mobility and accessibility


Opening of the event

Speakers: Irma Ylikangas, Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives, Helsinki Partners, and Riku Mäkelä, Counsellor, Trade and Innovation Affairs at Embassy of Finland in Singapore

Towards autonomous and sustainable industry – Finnish Spearheads

Global trends, such as sustainability and digitalization require actions from industry. Increased autonomy is one of the enablers in the transformation towards more sustainable and resilient industry. VTT presents in this talk what increased autonomy means in e.g. robot operations and human roles in industrial work.

Speaker: Karoliina Salminen, Lead, Smart manufacturing, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Robots inside buildings, why it matters?

KONE is part of the Robot Elevator Development Pilot Trials in Singapore. The goal is to co-innovate with robotic partners, building owners and regulators. Our desired outcome is explore the mobility and accessibility, and seek industry standards.

Speakers: Michiel Bruggeman, Head of Innovation Asia Pacific, KONE Singapore, and Dario Ravarro, Digital Manager – Solution Architect, KONE Singapore


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