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the ideal location for data centers, boasting low operational costs, a robust talent pool, exceptional IT know-how, and a perfect geographical location. Benefit from an extremely reliable nationw

Spiral staircase at Oodi
Spiral staircase at Oodi

Data Center Excellence in Helsinki

Low operational costs combined with a great talent pool, excellent IT know-how, perfect geographical location and an extremely reliable nationwide power grid makes Helsinki an ideal location for data centers.

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Join us to fight climate change, run an exceptionally low-cost data center, get access to the fastest fiber connectivity and world-class technology talent!

Why look at data center opportunities in Helsinki?

Locationlatency, security, stability and sustainability have become key factors in data center management. The Helsinki region offers a solution to all of these, making it the ideal location for your data center.

We at Helsinki Partners are dedicated in helping foreign based companies to land their data centers in the Helsinki region. Whether you are looking for the right information, location, partner or business opportunity – we are here to help.

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Helsinki is the best place for your data center.

Datacenter strengths of Helsinki

Strategic Northern European hub for market access and data traffic

Strong base of IT talent & companies

High-speed telecom connectivity and high fiber density

Low operational costs and stable business environment

Cash back for heat recovery

The Helsinki ecosystem brings together energy companies, cities, public sector funding, telecommunications providers, technology innovators and solution consultants to jumpstart data center projects.


Finland is #1 destination in EU for international business expansion

FDI attractiveness scoreboard, Copenhagen Economics 2016


Finland is #1 in terms of availability of the latest technologies

WEF Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017


Finland is #1 in availability of scientists and engineers

World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018


Helsinki is #1 city in the Nordics in securing FDI’s

EY European Investment Monitor (EIM), 2017


Finland is #1 business environment in the world

Global Innovation Index 2016


Finland is #1 in the world in innovation

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ 2018

Helsinki offers perfect locations for data centers

Helsinki Region has both large greenfield and brownfield data center opportunities with existing power supply available. For more details on the locations, click the numbers on the map.

Helsinki data center ecosystem

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