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One Travels DMC

DMC’s flexible agency tailors quality programs around the country, in all seasons from one day to multiple days.Next Travel is well known for providing unique tours and incentive programs in Helsinki and the surrounding areas, as well as planning and organising professional events, meetings and congresses. They can tailor your travel itinerary to suit you

With Stockmann standing behind in a blurred background, Sameer Narula, participant in 90 Day Finn, stands looking towards the camera with one hand raised and holding his glasses.

Finland’s ‘Goldilocks moment’

Investor Sameer Narula, of August One, used the 90 Day Finn programme to discover innovative and sustainable food companies. He plans to collaborate with Helsinki businesses, scientists and officials in his new investment fund.

Two women stand chatting while browsing hand crafted products at the Glasshouse in Helsinki.

Visions of sustainability converge in Finland

Hesinki is one of the most sustainable cities in the world, attracting businesses, investments in smart energy and those interested in what it really means to be a sustainable city.

Standing in the huge underground tunnel that is the Helsinki airport tain station, a woman wearing a long blue coat stands at the platform waiting for her train into Helsinki. On the left are the train tracks and on the right are the lifts and escalators to the airport.

International investors eye local prospects

Three of our 90 Day Finns have come to Helsinki looking for investment opportunities. They’re interested in promoting local companies working in sustainability, fintech, medtech and video games.

In a dark area lit by a variety of neon lights at Slush, a woman sits playing a retro arcade game.

Global tech innovators arrive in Helsinki

From helping companies do more with their patents, to improving diagnostics for patients in critical care – we meet two 90 Day Finns bringing technology innovation from Tel Aviv and Boston.