90 Day Finn – Terms & Conditions

Andro Lindsay, part of the 90 Day Finn 2021 programme and Co-founder of 100 Thousand Million, smiles and laughs with someone sitting to their right.
Andro Lindsay, part of the 90 Day Finn 2021 programme and Co-founder of 100 Thousand Million, smiles and laughs with someone sitting to their right.

90 Day Finn – Terms & Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions include the most important terms and conditions that apply to 90 Day Finn campaign applicants and participants should be aware of when applying in 90 Day Finn campaign.

Helsinki Partners and selected participants shall enter into a formal written agreement in which participants and Helsinki Partner’s duties and obligations are agreed. Helsinki Partners reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions in the final agreement.


This 90 Day Finn campaign is organized by Helsinki Partners Ltd with Business ID 3209009-8, which is Finnish limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Finland (“Helsinki Partners”).

Helsinki Partners is a city-owned company supporting trade and business in Helsinki metropolitan area.


Applicants can apply between 13.12.2021-6.2.2022. Helsinki Partners goes through the applications during the campaign time and can make the decision already earlier than 15.3.2022.

Helsinki Partners will choose a maximum of 15 participants. The chosen participants are informed during latest in March 2022 and they will be interviewed. Organizer can contact the applicants already before the decision, if additional information is needed.

The 90 Day Finn campaign shall take place starting from August 2022, but timetable changes are possible e.g. due to the chosen participants’ situation. The timetable is non-binding and Helsinki Partners reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend the scheduled timetable.

Who can apply?

To apply you need to fulfil the following general criteria:

  • applicants shall be over 18 years old at the date of submitting application to 90 Day Finn campaign
  • applicants shall not reside permanently in Finland, nor shall they be Finnish citizens;
  • applicant shall be responsible for applying and maintaining all travel documents and permits, including but limited to visa etc.;
  • applicants shall not be relatives, acquaintances, or anyone with close relationship to an employee or contracting partner of Helsinki Partners and/or Helsinki Business Hub Ltd;
  • applicants shall submit their applications in 90 Day Finn and otherwise act during the 90 Day Finn campaign on voluntary basis; and
  • applicants’ person’s competency shall not be limited, nor shall he or she be  declared incompetent

Criteria for the decision:

Helsinki Partners has the right to choose freely the participants among applicants. Following criteria will be considered in the decision-making.

  • 90 Day Finn campaign is targeted for international top talent, corporate representatives, investors and entrepreneurs. Participants will be chosen preferably from all these categories.
  • The participants are working for their existing positions from Finland. This means that people who are able to work remotely or have their own company are prioritized.
  • In the decision-making process a wide business network is considered as an asset .
  • The participants will have to have a right to apply for Schengen visa.
  • In the decision-making Helsinki Partners evaluates the reasons provided by the applicant from the information provided by the applicants.

Helsinki Partner’s responsibilities

Helsinki Partners provides the concept for 90 Day Finn campaign and certain support services that may be necessary for participants during the 90 Day Finn campaign.

The concept of 90 Day Finn campaign is provided “as is” and no express or implied warranty regarding it, its suitability for any special purpose or infringement of third-party intellectual property rights are granted.

Helsinki Partners provides following support services for the chosen participants:


  • Individual initial meeting and needs assessment
  • Preparation of required immigration/arrival documents
  • Virtual program before the arrival
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Place at a co-working space in Helsinki
  • Family considerations (e.g. schooling and daycare)
  • Access to joint group for communication (e.g. WhatsApp)


  • airport pickup
  • welcome gift and settling-in information
  • Personal local guide during the stay
  • relocation consultation by phone/email
  • group communication (e.g. WhatsApp)
  • 90 Day business program
  • Freetime activities during the program
  • Individual help to build business network in Helsinki


  • Support to apply longer residence permission in Finland
  • Support to settle into Finland permanently

Responsibilities for the applicants and participants:

  • Applicants and participants need to provide truthful information in the application and during the 90 Day Finn campaign.
  • Chosen participants will obey the guarantee and other travel conditions which are currently in use in Finland.
  • Participants are willing to share their experiences to their network from Finland
  • Helsinki Partners can produce content during the stay of the participants e.g. during the get togethers. Participants are willing to give interviews for Helsinki Partners about their stay.
  • Participants are responsible for the travel expenses to Finland and inside Finland
  • Participants are responsible for the living costs and other personal expenses during their stay in Finland.
  • Applicants and participants shall be responsible for all materials (and that the material does not infringe third party intellectual property rights nor any applicable law in Finland) he or she submits or uploads to social media during the 90 Day Finn and/or the application procedure, such as texts, tweets, Facebook posts, data, documents, as well as all material, interviews etc. to be given in any and all newspapers, mass media, or media and other similar functions as may apply from time to time. Applicants and participants represent and warrant that they have permission to disclose such material under applicable legislation.
  • Applicants and participants agree, during the application procedure and/or the course of the 90 Day Finn campaign, not to store, retain, distribute, transmit any material in any hosted servers of 90 Day Finn or Helsinki Partners that would violate the applicable legislation in Finland and/or good manners, incites or promotes such activities or would otherwise damage Helsinki Partner’s reputation.
  • Applicants and participants undertake to keep confidential their application in 90 Day Finn campaign and choice as a participant in 90 Day Finn campaign until Helsinki Partners has announced the subject matter in public.

The applicant and participant shall be responsible for compensating damages occurred to Helsinki Partners for the breach of these terms and conditions and the agreement between the parties.

Force majeure

Force Majeure means any and all events beyond Helsinki Partner’s control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided, even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

Examples of Force Majeure include, but not limited to, war, acts of terrorism (or the threat thereof), strike, significant risks to human health such as the outbreak of serious disease or pandemic (including COVID-19), any governmental or municipal actions, Act of God, which make it impossible or extremely difficult or otherwise significantly prevents the applicant and/or participant to travel safely to, or stay in Helsinki during the 90 Day Finn campaign, or influence significantly Helsinki Parner’s possibility to organize the 90 Day Finn campaign as scheduled.

In case of Force Majeure Helsinki Partners will try to provide a postponement of the 90 Day Finn campaign where possible. If the delay would exceed 14 days or more Helsinki Partners will have the right to cancel the 90 Day Finn campaign without any liability to the applicants and/or participants.

Compensation for participation in 90 Day Finn campaign

Helsinki Partners shall not be liable or pay the applicants and/or participants any compensation based on their participation and/or apply in the 90 Day Finn campaign.

Withdrawal of applicant’s application and/or conduct in 90 Day Finn campaign

The applicant can withdraw his or her application in 90 Day Finn campaign at any time by contacting Helsinki Partners in writing.

The selected participant can withdraw his or her participation in the 90 Day Finn campaign at any time by informing Helsinki Partners in writing.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights to 90 Day Finn shall belong to Helsinki Partners or to a third party. Helsinki Partners shall retain ownership of all its intellectual property rights and nothing herein shall grant to applicant and/or participant title, license or any other right to any intellectual property rights of Helsinki Partners.

Helsinki Partners’ rights cover, including but not limited to, the right to distribute, promote, utilize, present, modify and/or combine material filmed or otherwise associated with the participants (“Recorded Material“) worldwide either publicly or privately in different medias for commercial and non-commercial purposes in the manner as may be deemed appropriate by Helsinki Partners from time to time.

The applicants and participants acknowledge Helsinki Partner’s intellectual property rights, title to its trade name, trademarks, domain names, know-how and other intellectual property rights and refrain from all actions that may infringe the rights of Helsinki Partners.

Data protection

Helsinki Partners shall act as a Data Controller as stipulated in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (679/2016, “GDPR“).

By applying and/or participating in 90 Day Finn campaign, the applicants and participants agree to give their consent for the use of his or her personal data as described in Helsinki Partners’ Privacy Policy.

Limitation of liability




Applicants and participants are responsible for maintaining an insurance covering expenses for travel liability, acute illness and accidents for the duration of participant’s stay in Finland.


In the course of 90 Day Finn campaign applicants and participants may receive confidential information from Helsinki Partners.

Applicants and participants agree and undertake to keep confidential and not to use or its own purposes or to disclose to any third party any confidential information received from Helsinki Partners in whatever form or manner.

No partnership

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall be construed to create any agency, employment, partnership, joint venture or similar relationship between Helsinki Partners and the applicant/participant. Neither party shall have any right or authority whatsoever to incur any liability or obligation (express or implied) or otherwise act in any manner in the name or on the behalf of the other, or to make any promise, warranty or representation binding on the other.

Termination of 90 Day Finn campaign

Helsinki Partners shall have right to terminate the 90 Day Finn campaign for cause, e.g. breach of agreement of applicants and/or participants, and for convenience without any liability to applicants and/or participants.

Governing law

These terms and conditions and any action related thereto will be governed, controlled, interpreted and defined by and under the laws of Finland, without regard to the conflicts of law provisions.

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